The Best $5-10 Gift: LEGO Friends

My daughter and I stumbled upon LEGO Friends by chance. At the time she was still in the Duplo age range, but as we browsed the LEGO aisle she fell in love with some of the cute little animals featured in the LEGO Friends sets, and so, we decided to give them a go.

It was a good choice!

LEGO Friends

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As with all LEGOs, there is a wide range of prices, but LEGO Friends offers a variety of mini sets that ring in at just $5-10. Not only are these sets affordable, I’ve found them to be the perfect level of difficulty for my little LEGO master.

A new LEGO Friends mini set captures my daughter’s interest like no other. She enjoys settling down at the table and sorting the pieces into bowls. Then she reads the included “map” and starts on step one.

After a few mini sets, her questions ceased and my 4 year old learned quite a bit of LEGO strategy. She counts the dots on each piece when searching for the correct one. Builds each step according to the directions and within an hour or so, has a completed LEGO Friends set! The imagining and playing begins as she sets up her individual mini sets into small cities, farms or neighborhoods. And then everything gets loaded up into her LEGO tub for building another day!

It’s no wonder LEGOs are such a timeless activity for children. Not only do they teach step-by-step directions, they allow for an immense amount of imagination as well. If you’re on the look out for a perfect birthday, Christmas or just because gift, look no further than LEGO mini sets. You can’t go wrong with this $5-10 purchase!