Best Double Strollers – Baby Gizmo Awards 2015

Did you join us yesterday when we announced that we’d be giving awards to our favorite strollers of 2015? Well, today we’re calling all those parents of two little ones: here are the awards for best double strollers!

Best Double Strollers

Expectant parents have the daunting task of picking the perfect stroller for their new bundle of joy. Lightweight? All-terrain? Jogging? Luxury? The options are endless! And how about if you are a mom expecting your second, third, fourth or twin bundles of joy? Just any stroller won’t do, because you’ll be looking for that perfect double stroller that will accommodate both the babies (or toddler and a baby!) and your lifestyle.

So we have done the hard work for you and picked the Best Double Strollers of 2015! These are the best of the best that will comfortably accommodate not just one but two! And even though these are the 2015 awards, they are currently our favorite double strollers going into 2016 too!

*These are not ranked in any particular order. We love them all equally. Like our children. Except when one is whining.



Bumbleride Indie Twin

The Bumbleride Indie Twin has been one of our favorite double strollers for years! It is not only gorgeous but a practical, side-by-side stroller that is parent and multiple-kid-friendly. Watch the Bumbleride Indie Twin Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Double Stroller - Bumbleride Indie Twin

What we like best:

  1. Roomy, seats with flat reclines that can accommodate a newborn (or two!).
  2. Independent reclines for those days that one needs to rest and the other child is about seeing the world.
  3. Huge, independent canopies.
  4. Pushes like a dream (even with one hand!).
  5. Giant basket.
  6. Adjustable handlebar.
  7. Twin Moms: It can accommodate 2 infant car seats at the same time! With twins, how do you choose who stays in a car seat and who gets the stroller seat in the other double stroller options?


Baby Jogger City Mini Double GT

This is the sporty version of the super popular Baby Jogger City Mini Double with fantastic, no-flat tires which makes it easy to push on a variety of terrain.

Best Double - City Mini GT Double

What we like best:

  1. THE. FOLD. Yes, the Baby Jogger City Mini Double is SUPER easy to fold with just two straps in the seats. With two kids, you’ll have no time to wrestle with folding your stroller.
  2. Roomy seats with tall seatbacks to accommodate older/taller kids.
  3. The wheels are amazing. 8.5″ no-flat wheels with front wheel suspension gives both kids a really smooth ride no matter where you are going.
  4. Adjustable handlebar to give you a comfortable push not matter how tall or short you are.
  5. Huge, independent canopies.
  6. Near flat reclining seat to accommodate newborns.
  7. The push is amazing. One handed strolling here you come!


UPPAbaby G-Link

The G-Link is new but since it hit the streets in November 2015, it still made the list. Yes, this is like the Oscars of Baby Strollers! As long as it hit the streets by December 31, it’s eligible! Watch the UPPAbaby G-Link Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Double Stroller - UPPAbaby Glink

What we like best:

  1. Flat reclining seats that accommodate newborns.
  2. Huge, independent canopies.
  3. Easy-to-do, umbrella-style fold.
  4. Lightweight (for a double stroller!) weighing in at 25 lbs.
  5. We love that this is a double umbrella stroller designed on four sets of wheels instead of six which gives it better maneuverability.


Baby Jogger City Select

The Baby Jogger City Select is packed with versatility! With 16 different configurations, this stroller could be your one and only (unless you jog!). We love that you can use two bassinet kits, two car seat adapters (double travel system!), two toddler seats and a variation of those seats/bassinets/car seats mixed up. Don’t have both babies with you? The City Select turns into a single stroller with little effort. Drawbacks: Since it is a tandem stroller, the maneuverability isn’t as great as the side-by-side options. Watch the Baby Jogger City Select Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Double Stroller City Select

What we like best:

  1. Versatility galore!
  2. Reversible seats.
  3. Easy fold. You can even fold it with both seats attached.
  4. Since it accommodates TWO infant car seats, it is a double travel system.
  5. Adjustable, tall handle.
  6. Moms of 2 kids or more LOVE it!


Valco Baby Snap Duo2

Valco Baby Has been making fantastic double strollers for years and the Snap Duo 2 currently one of our favorites.

Best Double Stroller - Valco Baby Snap Duo2

What we like best:

  1. Lightweight. Weighing it at just under 24 lbs, the Snap Duo2 is lighter than many single strollers.
  2. Near flat reclines that are suitable for newborns.
  3. Large, independent canopies.
  4. Super easy fold.
  5. Great maneuverability (even with one hand!).
  6. Huge basket.


BOB Revolution Flex Duallie

If you like to run (or jog!), you’ll want a double jogging stroller that allows you to hit the open road with both kids in tow. The BOB Revolution Duallie is one of the best double jogging strollers you can buy!

Best Double Stroller - BOB Duallie

What we like best:

  1. The adjustable suspension and the large air-filled tires give this stroller amazing maneuverability and a smooth ride so that you aren’t fighting your stroller while you run.
  2. Large canopies to keep your little riders covered while out and about.
  3. Tall, ADJUSTABLE handlebar.
  4. Can accommodate one infant car seat. (FYI- Do NOT run with an infant car seat attached.)
  5. Easy-to-fold because the last thing you want to do is fight with your stroller when you have two kids with you.


Bugaboo Donkey

The Donkey is innovative! The Donkey is fabulous! It’s a Bugaboo but double the fun. That should be enough, right? Okay, if you need specifics: you can mix and match toddler seats, infant car seats and carrycots. (It can accommodate 2 carrycots or 2 infant car seats at the same time!) The seats can be reversed and reclined individually. Watch the Bugaboo Donkey Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Double Stroller - Bugaboo Donkey

What we like best:

  1. It has rugged, air-filled tires to give the stroller excellent stability and SUPERB maneuverability.
  2. It’s our favorite side-by-side stroller with REVERSIBLE seats!
  3. It easily converts to singles mode when you don’t have both kids along.
  4. Accepts two infant car seats or two bassinets at the same time making it a twin mom’s dream.
  5. Luxury fabrics.
  6. Quality. Quality. Quality. This stroller is going to last you! Until you are done having kids and beyond.

There you have it. These are the best double strollers on the market! Do you agree? What is your favorite double stroller? We’d love for you to share your favorite in a comment.