Best of the Best Lovies for your Baby

All three of my kids each have their own little security blankets. They sleep better with them and it provides then with a sense of comfort when they are away at Grandma’s or while traveling. We gave each of them a lovie when we felt they were either 1. ready or 2. old enough (don’t forget abut the SIDS warnings!). But if I can give you one bit of advice about lovies? Once your child latches onto a favorite, buy two or three more just like it! I’ll never forget my frantic search for my 1st son’s “B” when he misplaced it one day. Luckily, we found it but then I wasn’t so lucky when I decided to try and buy a second one… 2 years later. That blanket was impossible to find! A friend of mine actually spotted the exact one on eBay and I bid like I had won the lottery (aka spent way too much money) on a tiny little replica of my son’s favorite blanket. Oh the things we do for our kids and our sanity. Having extra lovies helps when you need to wash one (and forget that it’s in the washer at nap time), or when one gets lost or damaged. Just remember to hide the replacements or you might have a young child that wants all of them at the same time. Can you tell I’ve been there?

Here are some amazing lovies that we love (or want for myself):

1. Tickety Bu Cuddle Blankets $27-39.00


2. Jenna Lee Security Blanket $32.00

3. Aden and Anais Issie Security Blanket 2-pack $19.95

4. Little Giraffe Chenille Confetti Blanky $35.00

5. miYim Simply Organic Lovie Blankie Monkey $10.46

6. Pottery Barn Kids Moon and Star Blanket $29.99

7. Barefoot Dreams Dream Buddy Blanket $28.00

8. Essie Designs Minky Lovie $12.00