Best Single Strollers – Baby Gizmo Awards 2015

2015 was a crazy year. It brought us the return of Adele, the internet went crazy for the is-it-blue/black/gold/who-cares dress, and we had more Kardashian news than we cared for. While we are all slowly getting into the swing of 2016, here at Baby Gizmo we wanted to look back on some of the baby products we liked best last year. One of the most common questions we receive is:

“Which stroller is the best?”

So, this week we are sharing our favorite strollers from 2015, which also happen to be our favorite strollers right now too!

How could we choose which was best since strollers have various great qualities? Well, we decided to hand out awards. No-one knows strollers better than us and we thought this was a good way to show you which ones are at the top of our list. Each day this week, we’ll hand out awards in various categories.

Today, we are starting with the “Best Single Strollers of 2015” category. Please note, these are not ranked in any particular order. We love them all equally. Like our children.

Best Strollers

Best Single Strollers of 2015

Baby Jogger City Mini

The Baby Jogger City Mini has been one of our favorites since it debuted in 2008. It’s lightweight, super easy to fold, sports a large canopy, can become a travel system and is easy to push! Despite not having a reversible seat, it’s nearly perfect. Watch our Baby Jogger City Mini Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Stroller Baby Jogger City Mini


What we like best:

  1. Large, roomy seat.
  2. Ginormous canopy.
  3. Large basket.
  4. Tall handle.
  5. Easy push.
  6. Ridiculously easy fold.


Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT

The Armadillo Flip XT is a luxury model from the popular British brand, Mamas & Papas. It may not be as popular with the masses in the US as others, but we like it so much that it deserves a place in the top 7. Watch the Baby Gizmo Video Review of the Donna Wilson Special Edition.

Best Strollers Mamas & Papas Armadillo



What we like best:

  1. One of the biggest canopies we’ve ever seen!
  2. Tall, extending handle.
  3. Roomy, REVERSIBLE seat.
  4. Newborn ready seat with its flat recline.
  5. BIG basket.
  6. Easy fold that you can fold regardless of which way the seat is facing.


UPPAbaby Vista 2015

Want to know one of the strollers that I actually used on an everyday basis with my own kids? Yep, the UPPAbaby Vista! The Vista is a luxury, versatile stroller that can transform from a single to a pram to a double to a travel system! Watch the UppaBaby Vista 2015 Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Stroller Uppababy Vista


What we like best:

  1. Quality. Quality. Quality. This is one that will last through all your kids.
  2. Tall, extending handle.
  3. Transforms from single to inline double.
  4. Roomy, REVERSIBLE seat.
  5. Gorgeous fabrics.
  6. HUGE basket.
  7. Accommodates two infant car seats at the same time.


Inglesina Trilogy

I’ve been a fan of Inglesina since I fell in love with the Zippy years ago. The Trilogy is like an updated version of the previous Zippy model and it’s great! Watch the Inglesina Trilogy Baby Gizmo Video Review.


Best Stroller Inglesina Trilogy

What we like best:

  1. Roomy seat that accommodates a newborn.
  2. Huge canopy.
  3. Ball-bearing wheels and suspension.
  4. One-handed, compact fold. (Stands when folded)
  5. Accepts an infant car seat to become a travel system.


Orbit Baby G3 

This modern, luxury stroller is super popular in the celebrity circles. It’s definitely a head turner but our favorite feature is the 360 degree rotational base that works with the Orbit Infant Car Seat, Convertible Car Seat and stroller toddler seat.

Best Strollers Orbit Baby g3

What we like best:

  1. Quality. Quality. Quality. This is one that will last through all your kids.
  2. Tall, extending handles.
  3. Roomy, reversible, rotating seat.
  4. Large canopy.
  5. 360 rotational base is AMAZING!
  6. Great, easy push.


Britax B-Ready

We’ve loved the Britax B-Ready since it debuted in 2010 with its ability to transform from single to double and even fold with the second seat attached! Watch the Britax B-Ready Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Strollers BReady

What we like best:

  1. Roomy seats with beautiful fabrics.
  2. Tall, extending handles.
  3. Roomy, reversible seat.
  4. Ability to transform to a double.
  5. Folds with the second seat attached.
  6. Great, easy push.
  7. Big basket.


Bugaboo Cameleon 3

We certainly couldn’t have a list of best strollers without one of the original luxury strollers that paved the way for chic, must-have strollers. With the ability to become a pram with the included bassinet fabric, amazing push (think push with your breath!) and quality like no other, this could be your one and only stroller. Until you need a double, that is. Watch the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Best Strollers Bugaboo Cameleon

What we like best:

  1. Roomy seats with beautiful fabrics.
  2. Tall, extending handles.
  3. Reversible seat.
  4. Amazing quality. It will last!
  5. Great, SUPER easy push.
  6. Big basket.

What do you think? Do you agree with our Best Stroller choices? Let us know what YOUR favorite stroller is in a comment.