BEST STROLLERS UNDER $250 – Baby Gizmo Awards 2015

We know you’re ready for this one! We have been giving out awards all week to the best strollers but we’re aware that our top picks are not always budget-friendly. Fear not, there are so many great picks for under $250! We have a variety of great options from lightweight to jogging, and even a double stroller to meet your needs!

Best strollers under 250

Britax B-Agile – $202

I know we already named this as one of the Best Lightweight Strollers for 2015, but since you can find it under $250 most of the time, and we do think it is a great full-featured, lightweight stroller, it deserved a spot on this list too!

Best Lightweight Stroller

What we like best:

  1. Budget-friendly. You can find the 2014/2015 model ON SALE for close to $200.
  2. Super easy to fold and great push.
  3. Large, roomy seat.
  4. Large, easy to access basket.
  5. Near flat recline to accommodate a newborn in the seat.
  6. Lightweight at only 16.5 lbs.
  7. Tall handle (not adjustable).
  8. Accepts an infant car seat to make it a sturdy travel system.


Urbini Avi Jogging Stroller $199 (on sale now for $159)

If you are looking for a quality jogger but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg (you’ll need that leg for jogging!), the Urbini Avi is a great option! With all the same features you’d find on more expensive joggers, it runs at a fraction of the cost.

Best Stroller under $250

What we like best:

  1. Budget-friendly at only $199.
  2. Great air-filled tires. (You want air-filled tires for jogging!)
  3. Adjustable handle.
  4. Large basket.
  5. Roomy seat with high weight capacity of 65 lbs.
  6. Standing fold.


GB Qbit Travel Stroller – $179

Like to travel but don’t want to bust your travel budget with an expensive, compact, lightweight stroller? The Qbit to the rescue!

Best Lightweight - GB Qbit

What we like best:

  1. Budget-friendly at only $179.
  2. Super compact fold.
  3. Lightweight at only 13 lbs.
  4. Roomy seat.
  5. Can accommodate an infant seat to become a travel system.


Contours Options – $299

Okay, we know we are cheating a bit on this pick because it’s technically not under $250, but $299 for a good, versatile double stroller, is considered “budget-friendly” in our book. The Contours Options Stroller is a tandem, double stroller that features 7 different seating configuration. Plus, it has reversible seats, accommodates TWO infant car seats and it can fold easily with both seats attached. Yep, all for under $300!

Best Double under $300

  1. 7 Seating Configurations. ‘Nuff said.
  2. HUGE basket.
  3. Reversible seats.
  4. Folds with both seats attached.
  5. Standing fold.
  6. Adjustable footrests.


Combi Fold n Go – On sale for $182

The Combi Fold n Go Single is a lightweight, compact, and easy to fold stroller that is great for travel and on-the-go plus it won’t break the bank. Watch the Combi Fold n Go Baby Gizmo Video Review.

Combi Fold n Go

What we like best:

  1. Budget-friendly. We can normally find it on sale for under $200.
  2. Huge canopy.
  3. Big basket.
  4. Easy to fold.
  5. Lightweight at just over 16 lbs.