The Best Teether: Safety 1st’s Ellie Elephant Is A Hit and Under $5!

I am on my third kid and I only just found out about Ellie Elephant. Why?! New moms are usually obsessing over Sophie, but I’m here to say Ellie is better and cheaper! And nope, I didn’t receive one of these for free. I paid for my Ellies, and yes, I had to buy two because they are just that brilliant!


Made of BPA free silicone, this soft but firm teether is easy for those tiny little fingers to hold, and it has multiple places for baby to chew on, depending on their mood. My 6 month old sometimes even likes to hold it upside down and chew on it. It’s all delicious!


It comes in two different colors: blue and yellow, and retails for $4.99. I can add a pacifier clip on to it, which I attach to baby’s bib so it doesn’t fall on the floor when we’re out. Score!

You can put them in the fridge or freezer to help soothe those aching gums, and at the end of a crazy day, I just pop them on the top rack of my dishwasher so they’re good as new the next day.

90% of Amazon reviewers gave it 5 stars, and I can understand why. Our little guy loves them!

BUY The Safety 1st Ellie Elephant Teether HERE

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