Best Toddler Balance Bikes

Spring is here! I don’t care that Mother Nature doesn’t agree and keeping dumping loads of snow on parts of the country – it is Spring darn it! That means it is time to start thinking about getting those kids outside and out of winter hibernation. One of my kids’ favorite outside activities is riding bikes. Even as toddlers, they have always loved to scoot around the neighborhood on their two wheels.

Remember when we were kids and we started with the trike and then graduated to the “big bike” with training wheels? Those training wheels stayed on the bike for what seemed like years before we could master the two-wheeler. Today it is different. Kids are learning to ride bikes earlier than ever (think 2 and 3 year olds!) thanks to a great little invention.

Enter the Balance Bike.

A balance bike is a small, pedal-less bike designed to help your child learn to balance in preparation to ride a traditional two-wheeler bicycle. The fabulous thing about a balance bike is that it takes away the need for training wheels. There are no pedals and kids ride it “Fred-Flintstone style”, walking and jogging along, coasting when they feel like it. The point of the bike is to concentrate on learning to balance; kids can work on gross motor skills and gain self-confidence before throwing in pedaling. At Baby Gizmo, we know all about balance bikes and here are our favorites.

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Best Toddler Balance Bikes by babygizmo

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