The Best Yoga Pants

There is no doubt in my mind that mothers, not yogis, are the experts when it comes to the best yoga pants! So, last week I polled a bunch of my mama friends on their favorite yoga pants. See all their comments here! 

Obviously, comfort was the number one factor for us all. Next, price … this is where we all seemed to differ a bit. Some mamas preferred less expensive pants, I’m assuming because it’s lounge wear and who wants to break the bank on something like that? Others felt that since yoga pants could be deemed the work uniform of motherhood, supreme quality and a hefty investment panned out once you factor the price per wear. I’m curious where you fall? What’s your price point for yoga pants these days?

Regardless of if you’re in the $20 camp or the $100+ one, you’ll find a pair of yoga pants to love here … they’re mama approved!

yoga pants collage

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What do you spend on yoga pants?

My personal favorites actually aren’t shown. I love the  Kyodan brand, but you can’t order them online (except eBay). You CAN find them at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s stores! They’ve got awesome colors, fit and the price is right – I’ve picked them up for anywhere between $15-25!