Bibs for the messy eater…

Thing 2 finally got interested in solids at 7.5 months.  It wasn’t long before she decided she also wanted to feed herself.  You can imagine how messy a 9 month old is while feeding herself.  Thing 2 is almost 1.5 years old now and isn’t much cleaner.  Like most I am not a fan of a laundry or scrubbing out stains so I decided it was necessary to find a good bib.  Luckily we found Kreative Karen Designs on  Karen makes the most adorable long sleeved bibs.

The bibs body is made of a thick, durable terrycloth.  We have yet to have any food or drink penetrate through this bib even though there is no waterproof back.  The sleeves are made of a soft cotton.  The elastic on the wrist keeps food out but are stretchy enough to make putting the bib on and off very easy.  Karen’s bibs stay on tight with a simple tie of the provided strings.

There are a number of adorable designs available like her signature cupcake designs.  If none of the in stock designs fancy you then be sure to contact her directly.  After I recieved my first bunch of cupcake bibs I fell in love and made an order of 6 more.  I wasn’t sure what designs I wanted and she was a pleasure to chat it over with.  She responded quickly to each question and was extremely patient with my indecision.  In the end I asked for some Notre Dame/Irish themed bibs and they are fantastic!

SHOP Kreative Karen Designs on Etsy here

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Melissa Jarotkiewicz, Editor Melissa received a BS degree in Civil Engineering and is the proud stay at home mother of thing 1 and thing 2. Being the wife of an Air Force pilot means being the only parent for days, weeks and even months at a time. This chaotic and unpredictable life of a military mom calls for some serious retail therapy and Melissa puts her focus on baby gear and unfortunately for her husband the deal-a-day baby sites. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Melissa has lived in FL, OK, WA and just recently moved to Germany. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and watching college football in the fall. Go Irish!

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Rob O'Neill

I definitely fit in with you Lauren! The design is very awesome for little ones. I heard a lot of good things about these long sleeve bibs and based on what other mom’s say, I think they are really perfect for messy eaters that keeps pulling them baby bib off.


I love these designs! Long sleeve bibs are a lifesaver for me. Thanks for the tips