Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.

Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.

Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.

CONGRATULATIONS to the winner –

Cassandra E. from Clever, MO

We really are setting the bar high even for Baby Gizmo.  Sure, our giveaways are awesome (if we do say so ourselves!) but this one takes the cake. This is our biggest, single giveaway yet!  We really do spoil our readers, don’t you think?

The Baby Gizmo Giant Weekly Giveaway is a Bumbleride Indie Twin Prize Pack.  Did you catch that?  PRIZE PACK!  A Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller would be fabulous just by itself, right?  We’re not like that.  We do things bigger and better at Baby Gizmo.  We can’t just give away the Indie Twin.  We have to make it into the best “prize pack” ever.  That’s right. Best. Prize Pack. Ever.

The winner of this week’s Giant Weekly Giveaway will receive…

wait for it…

a Bumbleride Indie Twin in Ocean Blue (Natural Edition) + a Movement Fabric Set (Fog) + a Classic Fabric Set (Seagrass) + TWO Latching Carrycots + an Upper Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adapter + a Lower Maxi Cosi Car Seat Adapter!

Seriously, this is even big for Baby Gizmo!  And you know what?  One winner takes it all!!  Just in case you’re curious, the retail value of this prize is $1,255!!

Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.

To read (and watch!) our full review of the Bumbleride Indie Twin 2011 Collection, click here. If you want to check out the new Dual Maxi Cosi Adapters and Latching Carrycot, click here. You might want to check out the reviews in case you win or there is a quiz, right?

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Biggest. Giveaway. Yet.

Yep, we are still using Rafflecopter.  It’s just too easy not to!  If you haven’t been with us for the last month or so, a blog comment is the only mandatory entry!  Baby Gizmo readers don’t just stick with “mandatory” though, right?  We are overachievers!  So, there are additional (optional) entries you can get. You will notice that some of the entry methods are worth more than others. For example, “Post on a Message Board” has a “(+5)” next to it. That means it is worth FIVE entries for just doing that!  But let us warn you – make sure you actually do the entries!  If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment.  We check!  If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win.

*You can only do each entry method ONCE (besides the Twitter and Message Board post options which is once per day!). Please do not cheat and enter more than that! We will know and we will catch you! We are always watching. (“Winners never cheat and cheaters never win”, you know!) Giveaway STARTS on Monday, November 14, 2011 at 12:01am EST and ends at 11:59pm EST on Sunday, November 20, 2011. (Sorry, US residents only on this one, folks!)


  1. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was curious what all is needed to get set up?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?

    I’m not very web savvy so I’m not 100% sure. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Appreciate it

  2. CONGRATULATIONS CASSANDRA! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I can just imagine how much shopping you can do for the holidays with this in tow! Yippee for you!!

  3. I luv! luv! luv! my single Bumbleride Indie & would simply die if both my kids got to ride side by side in such fantastic-ness (yes, this is now a word) in the Bumbleride Indie Twin!

  4. I love how it can accommodate two infant carseats at the same time. How great this would be for us! I have a little guy and watch another little one and need the double stroller!

  5. Just when you think you guys can’t top a giveaway you do this!!! Amazing!!!! I’d love this for my boys!!! And more on the way I hope!!! Thanks!!

  6. What an awesome double stroller! side from the huge storage basket to fill with all our goodies, I love that you can have two car seats on it at once!

  7. Be still my heart!!!! This is better than Santa! With a 1yr and3yr I neeeeeed this double before I loose my sanity! I’m sick of herding toddlers:) thank you!!!!!

  8. We love that it is narrow enough to easily move around stores (unlike the bob) but also very agreeable over the mixed terrain of our city streets. The padded bar is also a toddler favorite!

  9. What’s not to love? My favorite feature is the all terrain tires and the fact it could be taken for a light jog. Plus the colors and the fact that it has two carseat adapters for my coming twins makes this a top pick.

  10. I love the large storage basket. With my twins, I find it easier to just use the stroller when I go grocery shopping so storage space to stash my shopping is important.

  11. I have to say, after purchasing a side-by-side twin strolle rin teh past that won’t fit through any of our doorways, my favorite thing is that this stroller will easily fit through a standard doorway!

  12. Awesome giveaway! Wasn’t going to enter bc I never win anything…but then decided I would try my luck! I would kick myself tommorw! You always convince me Hollie! Almost everything my kids have has been Hollie-approved!
    Good luck everyone and Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. In the market for a double stroller (yay) and love the new fabrics of the Indie. Plus, an extra-large basket is any mommy’s dream.

  14. I’m trying to make sure I’ve “left a blog comment” that registers under the Rafflecopter app to make sure my entry is included, but I only see where I can leave a comment on the actual blog. I hope this comment counts as leaving a comment on the blog so I can be entered! I love that this double stroller comes with bumper bars! I have the Baby Jogger City Select for my 17 month old and soon-to-be newborn (est Jan 6, 2012) and this stroller, while fabulous, doesn’t have a bumper bar! I also love the shape of the seat so that my newborn will fit laying down – it also makes for changing diapers a breeze!! The fabrics are beautiful, as well! The eco line – natural edition will be wonderful for spring/summers in New Orleans with as much time as we’ll be spending outside enjoying our beautiful city!! New Orleans summers=hot, sweaty (but precious) babies!

  15. My wife and I love this product. Having twins and newborns the products come in handy so much. My wife raves about the products to all her friends and family all the time. The products adaptabilaty ia aesome and very helpfull. My wife and I would love this product for brand new twin babies……

  16. I love this stroller. It looks very functional for siblings who are different ages. I love the canopies and the storage. This would be perfect for my 2yr old and baby on the way.

  17. I always wanted a Bumbleride! And now I could use a double! I love the extra large canopy and especially the SPF protection for my babies as we are out a lot!

  18. a friend of mine has this stroller for her toddler and new baby and it is the most amazing and easiest stroller to maneuver.. we show horses so the terrain is not as ideal as some and it has no problem tackling any place we wish to go!

  19. We LOVE the single Indie, so there is absolutely NO doubt we will LOVE the double also! What an amazing prize…something we’ll be able to use almost daily 🙂 Perfect colors, adapters and an overall gorgeous double stroller!!!!

  20. Where to begin… I love the storage, canopy, spf (awesome!!), fabrics, and so much more! Favorite might be the spf. Such a great added feature for a stroller.


  21. I love the new SPF feature on the canopies! And of course the beautiful colors, and the fact that my 2 1/2 year old and 6 week old can both ride in the stroller comfortably and use it for many years to come!

  22. So excited to see these giveaways esp near Xmas im hoping to win this just like everyone else just found out I am preg yesterday and we have a 14 month old now 😀 so ill be all hands on deck . Well I hope everyone good luck and happy holidays

  23. This looks really comfy for kids and easy to push. love that it comes with bassinet too, would b perfect for my newborn n one yr. old. it looks great for travelling too. love this stroller!!!

  24. I love the fact that the stroller has an adjustable handlebar due to my wife being short and and I am a lot taller than her. I also love the neutral colors that it comes in. Lots of strollers are very feminine looking.

  25. With number 2 on the way, my kiddos will be 21 months apart. Not only do I love the new colors for 2011, but the addition of SPF 45 fabric makes this fair redhead and her redheaded son happy! I also appreciate that the bumper bar doubles as the car seat adapter. Not having the added expense of a separate accessory is a bonus. Thanks Baby Gizmo and Bumbleride!

  26. Not only would this be incredible to win but we really need a double stroller! We love all the features of the Indie Twin, especially the individual canopies, the weight of it….

  27. I really like how modern this stroller looks. And the fact that the Natural Edition’s bamboo fabric has a higher thread count than the other fabrics. And the huge basket for all the kiddos stuff.

  28. I forgot to say why I love this stroller…I researched strollers since the day I found out I was pregnant. This stroller has amazing storage, huge canopy’s, gorgeous style/colors, perfect for babys to toddler…. I could go on. I SERIOUSLY love this stroller!

  29. This would be a dream come true! I’m due with Boy/Girl twins in the next few weeks. I don’t have a stroller yet, because this is the only one I want!!!!

  30. The fabulous colors and the ease of use are awesome. I absolutely love the all-terrain/jogging tires. Love, LoVe, LOVE the Bumbleride Indie Twin!!

  31. I love the new colors, and being able to switch out the fabric makes so much sense! I have the BR Indie in Seagrass and the fabric is stained 🙁 What a great giveaway!!!!! Thanks!

  32. I LOVE bumblerides. The canopy, the ride, the customer service. The indie twin would be PERFECT for my twins coming in April. I can add it to my collection along with the flyer and flite!!!

  33. This giveaway is amazing. I LOVE the indie for it’s chic functionality. I am not expecting a twin, but with this set I would be set for child #2!!!

  34. I love everything about this stroller. The super large canopies, the SPF protection for my very fair sunburn proned little ones, and the ease of manuvering.

  35. I love this stroller!! I am expecting twins so I love that it can hold 2 carseats! Also I love the colours and the big storage compartment!

  36. I LOVE the halde height! My hubby is 6’7” and I am 6′ tall. It is not easy finding a double stroller with handles high enough for us! LOVE IT!!

  37. I love the fabric choices with the Indie Twin. So cute! As a mother of two children under the age of 3, this stroller would be a lifesaver.

  38. I love that I can place the car seat on one side for my infant, and use the other seat for my toddler. Having actual twins isn’t a requirement.

  39. I love all this stroller has “two” offer. No pun intended- LOL. The canopies are super large and there’s so much space for even an older toddler. I have an 11 month old girl and 2 year old son. Going out for walks or trips to d-land is a pain; this stroller would make it so much easier with those big wheels!

  40. My wife and I love the Indie Twin and we are looking at getting that for our next child to be able to ride with our 1 1/2 year old. He is due in January and the timing of this would be great if we could win!!!

  41. Love that you can attach your graco car seats without having to buy a new attachment! also love the big tires, makes it easy to use on all terrain!

  42. I only have to name ONE that i love about this stroller??? Well that won’t be hard, because i love everything about this stroller.. but in honest, the best part is how narrow it is.. you can’t beat that. LOVE LOVE LOVE BUMBLERIDE

  43. So excited about the extra fabric sets! I currently have the Indie Twin in Lava, but would LOVE to be able to change it up! (Eapecially while the current set is being washed!)

  44. I love that the independent reclining seats, the canopies, and the air inflated tires. I need one of these soon – baby #2 on the way and a 6 month old at home! Yippee!!!

  45. I love it has the lower and upper maxi cosi adapter! And it would be perfect seeing that my husband and I just found out this week we are expecting twins! First time parents and twins! Wow!

  46. I love this stroller. The fact that it goes down all the way. That the canopy is large with the little window. The fact that you have the option of fabrics. The tires. The “jogger” option. It is just great. And smaller and lighter than comparable stroller.
    Thanks Bunbleride for producing such a great products!

  47. My daughter is expecting #5 and would love this! My favorite feature has to be the canopies as well and of course it looks great!

  48. I have the bumbleride twin and have loved everything about it. What sold me on it was how lightweight it is and how easy it is ti get in and out of my car and then open it with one hand! This was especially helpful after my c-section. I am currently pregnant with twins and have considered other double stroller models, but non have come close ro the style, ease and convience of the bumbleride.

  49. I LOVE that it can take the Maxi Cosi car seats side by side and the fold looks quite easy!!! as a SINGLE mom with a 3 yr old and twins on the way this would be soooooooo wonderful to have!!!

  50. We currently have the Indie, and now with a second on the way, I can’t wait to have the Indie Twin. I love that is is narrow and super easy to push.

  51. I like the individually adjustable seats, and that they are “proper” seats, not just reclining buckets. We are about to get started on #2, and this stroller looks sturdy enough to handle my chunky #1 (currently 10 months old) as well as the newcomer!

  52. Wow, that is a great price. This would make a perfect gift for my in-laws who will be watching my wife and I’s soon to be arriving new born as well as our infant niece. It would be wonderful to be able to give such a gift to show our appreciation and also to make their lives a little bit easier!


  53. I like that it is narrow for a double. And I really like the fact that you think it’s great! Then I know it’s a good stroller!

  54. I love, love, love this stroller!! My fave part is the adjustable handlebar,and the cool rain cover!! I also like that you can fit the bassinet in there. That is cool!

  55. I just love that it can handle taller children. I’m not particularly short and my husband is 6’4”. Our first child was always in the 98th percentile for height and it was just about impossible to find a decent stroller that could fit her height.

  56. I love that it can carry two carseats and two carrycots! Perfect for our baby (due date February) and her nephew, who will be born two months later, because they will be in a share care together!

  57. What’s not to love?!? There are sooo many great features! I definitely like that it fits through doorways & being able to reverse one seat

  58. I just LOVE this stroller. We are expectting another little one and this stroller would be perfect. I love the huge canopy for the FL sun and the carry cot would be so helpful when the baby is little.

  59. I love this stroller! It moves sooo smoothly, and it turns on a dime. It moves pretty well on the sand, too. Great solidly-built all-terrain, general-use stroller.

  60. Love that it’s a double wide (so both kiddos can see what’s going on!) and it’s still slim enough to fit through doorways… AWESOME!

  61. What a beautiful and functional stroller! I am due this spring with my second baby and this would be an amazing stroller for our family!

  62. I would be SOOO thankful for this giveaway!! This would be perfect for my son and child on the way!! 🙂 I LOVE that the seat can face forward or away- and a ton of different colors! Nice!!

  63. would love to win this!! my indie twin is starting to give way and my son could use a color that isnt the vita to roll around in! lol. love the indie twin for its easy maneuvering and push!!

  64. This stroller would be perfect for our TWINS that arrive due to arrive in Feb/March! The carrycots looks super cozy and I love that this stroller can fit through doorways!

  65. I love that it is compact yet has a good size basket underneath! The stroller I have now has a small basket and it isn’t very compact. Also, I love that it can carry an older child and a newborn in a carrier. That is great for bigger families!

  66. I would love this stroller! I have one year old and I’m due in february with my second baby. This stroller looks perfect for our family!

  67. I’m expecting twins in February and the Bumbleride Indie Twin would be the perfect stroller. My favorite feature is that it can fit two infant car seats at the same time!

  68. **drooling**

    Dear Bumbleride Indie Twin,

    Please come home with me so you can help me escape the house with two under two! Our second is due in the spring when our first will be only 19 months old. I’m hoping you’ll save me from poking my own eyes out. Also, you’re super stylish :).


  69. I was researching The Bumbleride Indie Twin and found this contest. So excited. The feature I like best is the sun canopy. The range is great. It looks like ti will cover in any sun situations. I also love the modern look and the great colors.

  70. The comination and use potential is incredible. Strollers have come such a long way. I want this for my sister having her 2nd baby and 2nd pregnancy with HG. Once this 2nd baby comes and she is not longer sick everyday, she can hit the road with two kids in tow!

  71. Love the changeable fabric sets! When one is dirty, slap a different one on. Or match the fabric to what you are wearing that day!!

  72. I’ve been wanting a Bumbleride forever! My favorite feature is their fabrics and I heard their customer service is fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  73. I love the carrycots! I have a Bumbleride Indie single and I love it. I could really use the double for my 3 month old and 2 year old.

  74. My daughter is expecting her second child and this would be so great to give her. Physically it can be hard for her to push and carry her kids so I love the idea of the car seat adapter.

  75. This would be perfect for us! We just found out this morning we’re having TWINS! We’re also using the maxi cosi car seats! I think this prize was made for us!

  76. My wife is expecting our second child in March. We would love a double stroller that is this compact. That is definitely my favorite thing about this stroller. My wife has a hard time lifting anything due to some back issues, so this would be a huge blessing.

  77. I am expecting my second child and my daughter will be a few months shy of 3 years old. I just love the carrycot idea for an infant. What a great idea. This would be such a blessing for our family!

  78. I had a Bumbleride Flyer for my first daughter. Expecting Baby #2 in April and I’m dreaming of the Indie Twin! I love the air filled tires (a feature that the flyer doesn’t have). The fabrics/colors are gorgeous as well!

  79. I love that it can accommodate taller/older children. Both my girls are tall so it makes it hard to find a stroller that will last for a while.

  80. I love the roomy seats and tall seatbacks. I would want my kids to be able to use the stroller for as long as possible, so this is a must for me! I also love the two tone colors-so pretty!

  81. We have the Indie and love it, but with another on the way, we would like the Indie Twin. I love the easy maneuverability of the Indie, the width of the twin means you can go through doors. The lay flat seats are a perfect ride for a newborn.

  82. Love the Bumbleride Indie Twin! Especially love all of the different fabric options and accessories! Want to win so badly!! 😉

  83. This is a great give-away. My sister, who has been trying to have a baby for many many years, is now pregnant with twins and this would be a great prize for me to win and give to her!!!

  84. I’ve always wanted a stroller with the carrycots! This will be the perfect way to indulge with my little angels once they arrive!

  85. I am expecting our second child in early January and would love an Indie Twin, I already have the Bumbleride Flyer and I love the new colors, and agree that a rain cover is always a nice “included” accessory! 🙂

  86. I love the fact that the stroller can accommodate 2 infant car seats simultaneously! It would be perfect for my twins that are due soon!

  87. After looking at every double stroller for my twins, none compare to the Indie Twin. I love the dual recline back and legs to accommodate infant through toddler. This is a stroller thst can be used for many years!

  88. I love the fact that it fits through a standard doorway! No more struggling to push through while your children are sleeping in the buggy.

  89. What don’t I love about this double stroller would be a shorter list! I particularly love that the seat reclines fully for a newborn while still being long enough for a 4 yr old. Perfect for parents of multiples, whether they be born at once or one by one. Oh and the natural fabric is wonderful for those of us trying to be green with a growing family!

  90. Wishing and hoping for a baby gizmo stroller for my newborn arriving June first and my baby girl that will be 14 months by then 🙂

  91. I love the double strollers I will need one to accommodate a newborn and a 14 month old …my 7 month old loves going on walks outside and it’s great exercise for mommy… I nifty double stroller would be awesome 🙂

  92. I love Bumbleride strollers. We don’t have an all terrain stroller. This one comes with car seat adapters- LOVE that. Plus you can change colors, huge canopy. Love everything about it.

  93. I love how it has room for 2 and is side by side, gives each child an equal view of the world 🙂 They don’t like always riding in back of someone! Also loves how thw colors can be changed, makes for easy washing!

  94. I would love to win the bumbleride indie twin! We are having baby number 1 now but are hoping to have #2 right away! It would be nice to have the double stroller to use for our current little one and the next one!

  95. I love that the indie twin holds two carseats (twin mamma here)! I love that it has huge spf shades! I love the different colors! I love everything about the Bumble ride indie twin!

  96. What a giveaway! This is incredible. I am expecting twins in February 2012, and this would rock! I am an older Mom and I would love to have this to go for many walks to try to get back into shape once they are born. Please oh please PICK ME!!!

  97. After tons of research I finally decided on this stroller but it’s just so expensive. Oh please let me win!!! I love everything about it!!!!!!

  98. I love this stroller! I love the colors, versatility, adjustable handle and that it can hold a larger child. I have a 3 wk old and a 2 year old, so this would be perfect for us!

  99. I like the SPF in the canopies and the size of the canopies. I feel like too many strollers miss the mark when it comes to providing shade! That’s important to us in AZ!

  100. My favorite feature of the Bumbleride Indie Twin is the 12″ air-filled tires. It really makes for a smooth, easy ride. Real tires are the mark of a high quality stroller.

  101. What a great way to get around town without having a lug separate strollers and car seats! Also, I love the gender-neutral colors. 🙂 Way to go.

  102. Amazing package is right! Love the big basket underneath.. you can never have too much storage room! Also like the all-terrain, air-filled tires.

  103. wow! What an amazing package! The car seat adapter, the carrycot and the regular seats, it sounds and looks like an all around amazing stroller!

  104. I would love this! I like that you can use two infant car seats. The Bumbleride is such a great stroller when I have tried it out in stores. Looking forward to baby #2!

  105. I love that this double stroller has air tires and a huge basket for all the stuff you need to lug with little ones! This would be perfect for when our second arrives this winter 🙂

  106. I love that the bigger child can fit comfortably but it will be great for a newborn too. What a great giveaway and for something I really need too!

  107. I think this stroller looks so easy to use. I know this is simple…but the break is so easy… On my stroller, I have to press down every wheel lock! LOL Plus, with an expanding family, you need a stroller that grows with you! : )

  108. I love love this stroller! I love the adjustable handle and that it can hold a larger child. I have a 4 month old and a 3 1/2 year old, so this would be perfect for us!

  109. I love that you can use it as a double travel system. Very cool feature for a side by side stroller. The companies are getting smarter :-). I HATE traditional tandem strollers which you have to CRANK to get around corners because they’re so long. This makes it much easier. Yippee!

  110. I have twins and LOVE the versatility of the indie twin. The large shades, cool colors, and it looks like it strolls like a breeze. hope I win!

  111. I love that the BumbleRide can hold a 4 yr old COMFORTABLY!!!! I have a newborn along with a toddler…and this double stroller would be perfect!

  112. I love that they have bamboo fabric option to help wick moisture away as well as zipper back to the canopy. I live in the south and it can be HOT!

  113. We have the single Bumbleride Indie and we love it! Now we have number 2 on the way the double would be great! I especially love the new fabric color sets!

  114. I absolutely love that you can switch out the fabrics, AND that the handle is adjustable. It’s also great that newborns through toddlers can fit comfortably in the Indie Twin!

  115. Love the stroller! The spf 40 lining on the canopy, the fact that it can take 2 car seats (does it take anything besides the Maxi Cosi?), and I totally love the sea grass color. Being that I had another baby Thank G-d 3 weeks ago and dont yet have a double stroller – I would love to win this!!

  116. I have always LOVED the bumbleride! My favorite feature is the new SPF 45 lining in the canopy!!!! Sun protection is my first priority and the bumbleride has the most amazing canopy ever!!! I <3 Bumbleride

  117. Bumbleride has such amazing reviews. I love the fact you can recline flat, use 2 car seats or even 2 carry cots! The fabric options are nice as well.

  118. Wonderful giveaway! Love that the canopies have SPF built in. It is super sunny in my neck of the woods and I’m always trying to keep the kids out of the sun but still enjoy being outdoors. Thanks for the chance.

  119. Would love to get this for my kids would make life so much easier to have a functioning double stroller specially with the pivoting front wheels!!

  120. This would be such a wonderful assett to help with having twins. Mine are due soon and I would love this stroller I think it would be a total blessing!


  121. LOVE bumbleride, and this IndieTwin is roomy enough for my toddler, plus our new little one on the way! The baskets look great for 2 kids plus a shopping trip. Love the reclining seats and the fact that the Maxi Cosi adapter AND he carrycots comes with the giveaway 🙂 so generous, Baby Gizmo!

  122. I love so many features of the Bumbleride Indie! I really like that it fits two car seats, the handle bars are adjustable (would make my 6’2″ husband happy :)), the movement fabric set is water-resistant (good for our Seattle weather), and the stroller is roomy enough for older toddlers. Plus the bassinets are cute, cute, cute!!

  123. I love the movement edition, with water proof material I would be able to use this in any type of weather! It is such an amazing stroller I would love to win this with baby #3 coming in February.

  124. Absolutely love everything about the stroller! The spf 40 lining on the canopy, the fact that it can take 2 car seats, and I absolutely love the sea grass color. I would be such a blessing to win.

  125. What an amazing giveaway! I want this stroller so badly and have been planning to buy one when I can, so this would be perfect. I love everything about this stroller, but especially that it is an all-terrain stroller. This would be a perfect fit for us since we live on gravel.

  126. I love the bumbleride strollers!! I think the fabric is fantastic and also the quality! Would love to have one of these strollers, even though we only have 1 child now we are planning on having more! 🙂

  127. I love the height of the seat and the separate canopies. I love everything about this stroller – I want to go buy one. We have a 20-month old and one on the way. They’ll be 2 years apart and this would be perfect for them as they grow!!!

  128. Adjustable handlebars? Awesome. My husband is 6’3″ and I’m only 5’6″ so this would be very helpful for us. We have twin boys 🙂

  129. My wife is in love with this stroller and I’d love to win it for her. My favorite feature would have to be color’s. It’s a really sharp looking stroller and I like that you can change out the fabric.

  130. What an awesome giveaway! I love your reviews. They were a huge help when we were making our most recent stroller purchase. It was the first time we bought a double stroller so they were something completely new to us and I realized that there were many other things to look for then when purchasing a single stroller. The Bumbleride Indie Twin is one of the ones we looked at. I love so many things about it from the color choices and fabric options to the accessories to the wheels and my favorite how easy it is to push.

  131. i love everything about this stroller! it’s super stylish. and the adjustable handle bar is a must.. im 5’3” and DH is 5’11.

  132. Ok this has to be your best prize ever! I love the huge storage basket and the air tires that make using the bumbleride so easy!! I’m tall so the adjustable handlebar is perfect! I hope I win!!

  133. I love that I can use it with the car seats! Makes my life so much easier when bringing a newborn in and out of the car!!

  134. Amazing giveaway! I LOVE the Indie Twin! The height and width of the stroller seats is great… My two year old is very tall and this is one of the few side-by-sides that will accommodate her and her fast-growing baby sister!!

  135. With 2 kids my fav feature is the big basket. I know sounds lame but with all that stuff to lug around it seems like a luxury to me.

  136. I love the high canopy height! Our son is really tall and it would be nice for his head not to touch the canopy when he rides in the stroller.

  137. Love bumbleride brand had the flyer and flite would love the indie twin such great reviews and I see them all over the city if they are that popular then it must be a great stroller!

  138. This stroller rocks. The adjustable handles, the canopies, everything makes this a really awesome item. Wow, I would love to win this!!!!!
    (kelleynutrition at gmail dot com)

  139. love the swivel front wheels for one, and the adj. handle and the….should I continue!! I would love to win this, my double stroller is 12 years old and I am way ready to upgrade:)

  140. The carrycots are my favorite part of this stroller…it’s so nice to have a stroller that actually works for newborns from day one, without having to lift heavy car seats in and out of the car constantly. Love, love, love this stroller!!!

  141. There are so many things about this stroller that I love. I love how easy it looks to push, the fold, the huge canopy and of course the overall look of it!!

  142. I have been eyeing up this stroller for months now but could never justify paying for it since I am not working. It would make my life so much easier and the features are amazing.

  143. I’d faint if I won this!

    I just had my second child and could really use one, especially since I live in town and use our stroller every day.

    Anyway, where to begin? I love that it has wide seats to accommodate older kids, and that the footrests can be moved around. Plus the adjustable handle bar would be great for both my husband and I. And I love that the canopy has an SPF rating and that they’re independent of each other. So many great features!

  144. I love the look of this stroller, the large canopies, and the fact that older children can still ride comfortably. Also love how lightweight it is (for a double).

  145. •The Indie Twin canopies have been redesigned to include an SPF 45 lining and that is my favorite feature. I also like the adjustable handle.

    email RonaleeDuncan{at}aol{dot}com

  146. What a great giveaway!! This double stroller would be perfect for my 2 year old and newborn arriving in December!! Would LOVE to win this one!!!

  147. Hello, I love the adjustable handles and how each side individually reclines. I also LOVE the canopies! I also love the adjustable foot rests. Loving the air filled tires so you can go everywhere from the mall to the beach and for street strolling! Loving how easy it is to fold and unfold and it has manual locking…awesome! I WANT THE INDIE TWIN! Very Nice Stroller!

  148. I Love the zippered canopy feature and the side by side seating. Now my babies would be able to see eachother! Thankyou for this awesome chance!!!
    briannabeers at yahoo dot com


  150. I never thought I’d need a twin stroller, but I do now! Love the zippered canopy feature–always seems to get hot in there! Thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize package! Go Go Gizmo!

  151. I honestly think my favorite feature is that it is side-by-side! I have a B-Ready that I love, but I also want a side-by-side for the zoo, etc. This will be great!

  152. This looks like a great stroller. Fav feature is that it is a double stroller that isn’t a total monster – looks like it handles well.

  153. SOOO many things to like! I love that you can have various combinations of seat / cot / car seat; love the large sturdy tires, the huge canopies and basket are all amazing!

  154. Love everything about this stroller, the colors, the style, the way it looks so easy to push around. I have twins (21 mos) and a little guy (8 mos) and we are working on #4 so this would be a huge win for us!!!

  155. I absolutely LOVE that this stroller can be used all the way from a double pram (so much better then travel system for baby’s spine) up to the trips to parks and athletic fields, even jogs with mommy with those air tires! Fortunately, or unfortunately, eliminates the need for a couple of different types of strollers!

  156. With a 6’6″ husband, and me at 5′, the adjustable handlebars are a MUST! And with baby taking after daddy, the seat size is a GIFT.

  157. I love that you can use a carrycot or a car seat with this stroller and not have to worry about sibling kicking the car seat. It looks very versatile!

  158. I have always had my eye on this stroller. Love that it’s so light weight!! Would love to win it, use it, then pass it along.

  159. I am a huge Bumbleride fan! They have the best products for style and function! My little ones would surely be riding in style if we won! Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  160. This looks incredible! I would love to win this stroller. :)I have the maxi cosi car seat and am so happy it fits in this stroller! My favorite aspect of the bumbleride is their massive canopies (and that they’re independent!).

  161. I need this stroller!! I love that it will hold my son who will be almost 4 when our baby is born, plus it is compatible with the Chicco Keyfit30 infant seat I have already! This will be the perfect stroller for us!!

  162. My favorite feature is the versatility! I love that it can go from infant to big kid and grow with your family. I love their color options and the accessories!

  163. This stroller is awesome! I really like that it is so versatile because I will have two under two and need adjustability for an infant and a toddler. I also like the zip up canopy which is a must for Florida weather (where I live).

  164. The overall versatility of this stroller seems great. One kid or two. Newborn or toddler. SPF but protective for the winter. And it looks great.

  165. I LOVE everything about Bumbleride!! If I had to pick one thing…I love how even a 4 1/2 year old can fit in the seat!
    Thanks for an amazing giveaway 🙂

  166. Of course the best part about this stroller is the fact that it holds 2 infant carriers… Sure wish it was around when my twins were born!

    I MUST have this stroller 🙂

  167. I absolutely love love love the look of this stroller and the fun colors it comes in! It is wonderful to have one stroller that can do everything and not have to purchase 3 strollers!!!!

  168. I Love that is folds compact and the wheels come off so easy for packing for vacation. I love that is fits thru standards doors. so important.
    xoxoxo bumbleride ad baby Gizmo

  169. I am having another baby in 3 weeks and would love a side by side that comes with a bassinet! I also love how this one has AT tires but isn’t bulky.

  170. I am pregnant with twins (due in February but threatening to come any day!) and have a 2 year old already!! This would be such an amazing thing to win. the fact that it is light enough for me to lift is such a great feature, not to mention the ability to use it with two car seats!

  171. I am pregnant with twins (due in February but threatening to come any day!) and have a 2 year old already!! This would be such an amazing thing to win.

  172. What’s not to love about this stroller?! It looks so comfortable, and I love how the canopies completely protect babies/tots from the elements. I just had another baby a month ago so this would be perfect when strolling around with him and his toddler brother.

  173. The thing I love about the Twin Indie Bumbleride is that it’s a twin! I have been wanting a double stroller ever since I had my second baby! I would love to win!!

  174. I love this stroller because of the fact that it can take two Maxi Cosi car seats, it’s light weight, compact, side by side and glides like a dream. I’ve look and looked and there are not that many (side by side) strollers that will take two Maxi Cosi car seats. I’m having twins in less than a month and it would be a life savor if we won this package.

  175. Need this!! Love the huge canopies and the big air wheels. Really need a double stroller and can not afford a good one! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  176. We have our 2nd baby girl on the way (January 11). Since I found out I was pregnant I have been obsessed with finding the “perfect” stroller for two. I have watched a ton of videos and read a ton of reviews, but Baby Gizmo has been the biggest help to me. Hollie has hit on all the main points about the double strollers that are important to my husband and I. After all my research I have decided on the Indie Twin (although I still can’t decide between Seagrass and Blue Natural). I love so many things about this stroller; the looks, the maneuverability, the huge under basket, the easy foot break, and the seats that recline nearly flat are just a FEW things I love! The two main selling points for me though is the 4 air all terrain tires and the 29 inch overall width! I want one stroller that I can take anywhere and do anything, including a little exercising. This give away is AMAZING and PERFECT timing for me!!! Thanks so much for such a great offer!

  177. There still is NO +1 sign in the corner like you are saying. Maybe you need to change this entry option to something accessable to more people. I guess some people get a +1 and some do not.

  178. I love the this product! I have a second child on the way and the girls will be 15 months apart. This is the only double stroller/jogger my husband and I liked. We love the design, the sun shade, and how easy it’s to fold up.

  179. LOVE that this is the only stroller you need–it goes from the mall to the beach. I have the single and would love the double to use for my little girl who is arriving next month!

  180. I need to win this! 😉 I love that the stroller works as a jogger and is light enough for this mommy to pick up and store in the car.

  181. There are so many things to love – bamboo blend fabric, spf lining, light weight (especially for a double), swivel-lockable wheels (for jogging)! It sounds absolutely great!!!

  182. Wow, I would love this! What an awesome prize. I have been stalking Bumbleride strollers daily for baby #5! This would be amazing to win:)

  183. I would LOVE to win this stroller package. I like that this stroller is not heavy like most double strollers with jogging capabilities.

  184. Wow! This stroller is awesome. Before learning about baby gizmo I really just knew a out Graco strollers. That’s mosly because it’s all I can afford. I can’t afford a bumbleride, but would sure love to win it. I have 19 mth old and one on the way. I like the side the side feature the best. I hate the thought of one child getting the back seat in the bus style strollers. This indie would let my toddler stay up front and still see his sister next to him in the cot! 🙂 Plus as they get older they can both sit comfortably! Help a mom on medical leave (problem pregnancy :(. ) out…pick me and my family for this awesome ride.

  185. I love that the SPF 45 fabric is now on the Indie Twin! One child is allergic to every sunblock I have tried and the other would do anything to NOT have it on him. This would help a LOT!

  186. I could really use this! We don’t have a double stroller..I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old and a 13 month old so this would come in handy!

  187. I love how easy and compact it folds up! And it glides so smoothly. I’ve taken one for a spin in a baby store before.

  188. I would LOVE to win and what’s not to love when I can have one child napping, fully covered and reclined, and the other eating a snack while sitting upright and canopy opened!

  189. This would bless my life! I’m on a tight budget and can’t afford a “good” stroller…thanks for the opportunity to even enter 🙂

  190. I don’t know if I can pick just one feature! I think my top would be the functionality of the package. You have a jogger that works like a smaller double. Its amazing!

  191. I love Bumbleride strollers and the new Indie Twin is awesome – I love that it can accomodate 2 carrycots or car seats at the same time. So few twin strollers have that ability. I also love that it is lean enough to fit through regular doors.