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  1. I knew I wanted to get as far as possible without an epidural, since I was induced because my water broke and I was dialated to 4 with no pain ( awesome right!?) nah 4 hrs before my daugter was born I gave in and got the epi. I also brought lavender w me and asked to cover the clock so I wouldn’t focus too much on how I was advancing, brought my rice heating pad and asked to labor on the birthing ball. I also asked to wear our own clothes right after the birth so as to feel more at home. The hospital was very acommodating. Even with the unpredictible I had an awesome birth but knowing what you want helps.

  2. I’m calling mine a “wish list” With my first 2 I was a “wing it” laborer. I did know that I wanted to try not to have meds but was open to the fact that I may change my mind. And asked for a mirror but they seemed like I was asking too much. This will be my 3rd and I am going to write some things down. The last time, I forgot all about the mirror until after she was born… There will be things I will be too busy to think about. So I think writing some things down is important! Great post! Thanks fr sharing!

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