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Birthday Gift Ideas For Preschoolers

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It can be tricky figuring out what to get a preschooler as a gift. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some ideas so that the next time you get a party invitation in the mail, you’ll know what to bring!

Photo Source: Children’s Book Of The Month Club

Books.  Kids love books because they’re fun and exciting, and parents love books because they’re quiet and educational. Win win! You can even consider signing the birthday kid up for a book of the month club!

legend in training t-shirt
Photo Source: Sweet Luka Mo

A Fun T-Shirt. An awesome tee like this one from Sweet Luka Mo would make a very cool gift. Retail- $24.

frozen dvd
Photo Source: Amazon

DVD. Get the birthday boy or girl their favorite DVD to add to their collection!

pirate puzzle

Puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles or learning ones like numbers and letters for little ones. This one from Melissa And Doug is only $9.99.

two toddlers in play pool
Photo Source: Amazon

Kiddie Pool And Water Toys. Since summer is almost here, water toys or a kiddie pool would be the perfect present for the birthday boy or girl to splash in all summer long!

Photo Source: Amazon

Backyard Binoculars. Little explorers will love a set of backyard binoculars to get an up close look at their surroundings. You can pick these up from Amazon, Toys R Us, and so many other places for less than $10.

More Birthday Gift Ideas:

Fun Activity. Give them the gift of taking them somewhere fun! Give them a gift card to go bowling or mini golfing sometime soon. This way they’ll have something neat to look forward to once the celebrating is over!

Personalized Gift Basket. Fill up a gift basket with all their favorites. You could include candy, toys, clothing items, or anything else you think they would love to have.

Temporary Tattoos. Pick up some fun temporary tattoos for the little one to get creative with!

Gift Card. If you want the birthday boy or girl to pick out their own gift this year, get them a gift card to a store with a huge variety. They’ll have fun picking out items after their birthday is over!

Sidewalk Chalk. Looking for a fun yet in expensive gift for a birthday party? Pick up a bucket of sidewalk chalk and call it a day! What kid doesn’t love coloring with chalk?!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.