Black Friday: To Shop or Not to Shop

That is the question.


Oh Black Friday, why must you tempt me with your amazing deals on fabulous products I want so badly. Why do millions of people line up outside of stores, camped out all night, so they can save money on a big screen TV?  Because we all love a good deal, right?

If you have young kids and you don’t have a babysitter, I do not recommend Black Friday. You will probably lose your sanity before you save any money. Last year my son was 8 months old when Black Friday came and the only place we went was Pep Boys. Needless to say, it was empty. We strolled right in at noon, got a few products for the new car we had just purchased and they threw in some free flashlights. We took one look at Target and my hair started standing on end. No, thank you.

Some stores offer REALLY good deals though. Deals that some people just can’t pass up. If you’ve got a sitter, if you’re down for a crazy time, and if a store is offering an “I can’t pass that up” kind of deal on a product you need, then I think Black Friday is the day for you. Get there early, know what you want, and please, for the love of all that is big screen TVs, don’t get trampled.

PS. You know you can get great deals online on Black Friday?! Maybe even better deals than going to the actual stores. Companies have gotten smarter and know that sometimes we’ll take the comfort of our own home rather than elbow poor granny just to get that crazy deal on the newest gaming device!