A BMW Stroller Fit For A Royal Baby…. Or Is It?

Who said Brits don’t have a sense of humor?! BMW UK posted this photo to their Facebook page on Monday with the following caption:


599779_10152672591840043_188917539_n A BMW Stroller Fit For A Royal Baby.... Or Is It?


With a royal baby due this summer, we’re proud to announce the launch of our limited edition BMW P.R.A.M (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile), a masterpiece in family-focused technology. Available in limited numbers, in either Royal Blue or Princess Pink, it features air con, reclining seat, ambient interior lighting and paparazzi-proof hood as standard.

You’re never too young for your first BMW. Let us know what you think.


A “pram” is what some Brits use to refer to a stroller, so the Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile acronym is hilarious! If the readers didn’t recognize that this was an April fool’s joke at that point, they should have got it by the time they read “air con” and “interior lighting”- seriously?! This is so far fetched that the few people who did ask

“I love this!! How much are they?”

have got to be kicking themselves.

I must say, whoever made this is excellent at photoshopping! I am still laughing at the Queen’s two corgis happily posing in the photo.


599779_10152672591840043_188917539_n A BMW Stroller Fit For A Royal Baby.... Or Is It?


Now, we know our readers at Baby Gizmo are obsessed with love strollers.  So be honest, if money was no option, and this did really exist- would you want one? Tell us in the comments!

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Ladan Rashidi, Managing Editor. Ladan is a British mother of three, who moved to California in 2008 to live with her husband. Born and raised in London, she has the very British sarcastic sense of humor. None of her previous workplaces prepared her for becoming a mother and having the three most demanding bosses in the world, but also the cutest.

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Of course I want one, I was already searching for the shop where I can buy it in South Africa. I’m in my 3rd trimester & would love to see my little one inside it. So I’m waiting for it please. Make sure it is readily available by September. Thanks

Daniel Musa

I will want one of those for my new born baby how much will it cost me.


I World totally buy one of these if it was available for sale


Woooo this is amazing and very espectacular… Is a dream for me have this for my baby Cavany


I know some sweet amazing wheelchair/stroller bound kids that would love this as their legs and feet!


where I can get one than this

Nikolay Nikolov

Where I can get one than this ?Thank you

Nikolay Nikolov

Where I can get one than this ?Thahk you.


If you read the article you would find it was an April fool’s joke. They don’t really make this. It was Photoshopped.


how much, were can y buy it

Linda crawford

I really love it, I want ti buy one for my grand baby.

connie vallejo

I want to know how much…$$$$$

Faisal Hossain

I would love to buy this BMW Stroller for my baby girl

I am staying in USA
Pls let me know which shop I can get this stroller in USA?

Need urgent reply


Cheryl Rusk

Would love to have one for my grandbaby

Betty Myrick

I want the gray with the pink interior. Please send cost, where can purchase and time frame to ship to Louisiana

Edna Figueroa

I believe it would be a big hit in the market system. I know I love to have one of this stroller if I would be having a baby.


How much and where I can get it ?


I will love to purchase this for my niece. ..please reply with the price….Thanks. .


I love it
How much it cost?