BOB’s Semi-Annual 15% off Sale is NOW!

BOB's Semi-Annual 15% off Sale is NOW!

If you have been looking for a quality, well-built all-terrain/jogging/everyday stroller, you know they don’t come cheap!  And if you have been looking at the fabulous BOB strollers you would know that not only are they not cheap but the current models rarely go on sale.  Like twice a year sale and that’s it!  Even when some websites have a “site-wide sale” – it NEVER includes BOB!  Those online coupons?  Nope, those don’t include BOB either.  BOB is special and doesn’t lower his price very often.

Well, good news!  The time is now to grab a BOB!  The current BOB models (double and single) are all 15% off!  This is HUGE!! 

Need a little help deciding?  Here’s our review of the BOB Revolution SE 2011 and BOB Duallie.

SHOP BOB 15% off Sale HERE

BOB's Semi-Annual 15% off Sale is NOW!


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