Boon Takes Nightlights to a Whole New Level

Last week we highlighted two of the most expensive (and craziest!) strollers – the Porsche Stroller and the Roddler. Well, Boon has taken nightlights to the same level.  Okay, not the same exact level but they have introduced what we would call the Porsche of Nightlights.  How can a little plug-in, $5 light be the “Porsche of Nightlights”?  That’s just it.  This one isn’t a little, plug-in, cheapo nightlight!  The Boon Glo is the mack daddy of nightlights!  First, let’s just get the price out of the way.  It costs $84.99!  That’s right – a nightlight that costs just shy of $100.  See the Porsche comparison now? 

While we aren’t convinced that we’d spend that much on a nightlight – Glo is pretty cool!  It’s just so different than anything we’ve seen.  It has three removable Glo Balls!   These Glo Balls are illuminated balls of light that are so cool because they don’t have anything electronic in them, so they don’t get warm and they won’t break.  That means that our kids can safely take them to bed with them and the soft glow will fade to dark after 30 minutes.  That is if we wanted to drop almost $100 on balls of light!  Hey, maybe you want to give your future juggler a leg up on his career? What’s cooler than juggling three balls of light in the dark?  And if that’s not enough – the lights can change color!  Cool, right?!? 

Here are more details on the Boon Glo:

  • Color changing nightlight
  • Select your favorite color with sliding lever or keep them circulating
  • Portable Glo balls charge quickly
  • Phosphorescent balls glow up to 30 minutes after removed from base
  • Low energy L.E.D. base
  • 9 volt power adapter included
  • BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free
  • Recommended age: All ages
  • Dimensions: 8.2″ x 8.5″ x 9.8″

SHOP Boon Glo Nightlight HERE

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rosio reveles
rosio reveles

I love how easy it folds and It would fit my small car…love orbit baby!

c waaraniemi
c waaraniemi

The night light would be great to have, when the grandkids are over. Would love to win it.


I really like the look of these but we use the OXO Candela Glow Rechargeable Lights and they are FANTASTIC! I give them for gifts ALL the time. Then you don’t have to have a night light ever in the childs room. It’s supposed to mess with their sleep anyway.

Love these:


I love the rechargeable nightlight we got from Target. A Rubbery bluebird that the kids can take with them to the bathroom or wherever they have to go at night. The glow is also very soft so it won’t disturb their sleep. Likewise does not get hot and stays lit for at least 8 hours . 14.99