What We Bought The Kids for Christmas (VIDEO)

Christmas Gift

With a house bursting with toys, I couldn’t bear to buy my kids any more toys for Christmas this year. I knew that relatives would buy them toys here and there but I wanted to get all three something that they would actually use. So many years we get caught up in the “hottest holiday toy” only to see it collecting dust in the corner of the playroom by New Years. This year was a bit different.

My kids are old enough that we wanted to get them each one special, “big” gift. I suggested that family members buy them books (you can never have enough books!) and we would get them their “big” gift for the holidays.

What was it? Watch today’s Baby Gizmo Video to find out.  After you watch the video, leave a comment and let me know if you agree with our choice. Would you get this for your 4, 6 and 8 year old?


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  1. Not over the top. My daughter is 2 and we got her a “kid tablet.” Although she really only uses the paint app, we also monitor her time on it. We are also very big on reading and “old fashioned” learning haha! As far as what you spent, you found pretty good deals and I think if you can afford it you should go for it. But once again, I agree with your time constraints :0)

  2. Don’t think it’s over the top at all. We bought our then 4 and 9 year olds iPad Mini’s for Xmas as an extra special gift for all the help they did while I was on bed rest and then helping out with their twin baby sisters…we also bought the Otterboxes to go with and they withstand tumbles down stairs! Besides, kids can use them for learning and playtime and you don’t have to worry about cartridges or anything.

  3. Yes, I thought it was a little much also when my mother in law got an iPad mini to both my almost 2 year old and almost 5 year old girls. But like you said, they already use my phone and iPad, so now I get to use my own stuff and not borrow it from them. lol It worked out well for our long road trip. Their usage is also monitored and they ask first before using them. My older one definitely likes the ipad more than the kiddie tablet that she had.

  4. My daughter has had an ipod since she was 1.5. She started with an ipod nano that had video capabilities loaded with mickey mouse clubhouse for flights. Then I got a new ipod touch and she got my old one when she was about 2.5. She’s now 5 and is on her second hand me down ipod touch (which wasn’t very old to begin with) with an otterbox defender case. I love that she has a device with all her games on it. She only gets it for travel and when we are waiting in waiting rooms or at the finish line of races. I highly contemplated getting her a kindle fire this year. I didn’t think she was quite to the ipad mini level yet since she has the touch. I think in a few years I can definitely see myself doing the same thing you did this year. And I love the cases you got. Great gift idea!

  5. I LOVE YOUR IDEA!… I don’t think it was “over the top” at all, as you said kids these days KNOW and NEED this type of technologies!
    And BTW: it’s so refreshing to hear your sweet little angels “fight” too!! 😀


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