Boys Be Cool Recognizes that Boys Have Style Too

There are not nearly as many styles, options and choices when it comes to fashions for boys. My staples for keeping my son looking stylish and cutting edge is Ralph Lauren polo shirts, jeans and Converse (now also his cool Yo Gabba Gabba Vans). When I step foot into the children’s department at most stores, I am bombarded with phenomenal clothes for girls ranging from tutus to skirts and dresses to adorable shirts, cozy sweaters, bikinis and swimsuits and must-have accessories. Yet I am beyond disappointed with the sparse selection of merchandise in the boys section. Most of the pieces are not special enough to warrant the high prices attached to them.

Somehow I joined Boys Be Cool’s (BBC) Facebook page (not sure who to give credit to) and I am constantly being introduced to innovative, wonderful brands for boys including Micro Me, Tom & Drew and knucklehead clothing.

Boys Be Cool is a unique and one of a kind style & shopping resource where the boys rule and style-conscious parents receive valuable information on where to find unique, awesome and affordable duds for their boys and how to style the most dapper and hippest outfits for less. Boys Be Cool covers new clothing lines for boys, the latest boys’ fashion trends and seasonal collections from the most influential high and low-end boys’ fashion players, the most buzz-worthy, boys-oriented products and services that fit the following all-important criteria: unique style and budget-friendly prices. Because, it IS possible to dress your boy like star on a tight budget!

Boys Be Cool is supplemented by the Facebook daily stream of the carefully curated hottest deals, coolest promotions and stylish finds delivered right at your fingertips, all with the BBC style seal of approval. It’s like having a personal shopper who picks out the best stuff for your boys and makes your lives a little easier in the process. Boys Be Cool helps mom navigate the tricky world of boys’ fashion with a minimal damage to your bank account. The company reviews new collections, comb the sales, search through the endless online inventories, scoring the best deals.

Boys Be Cool has had “summer” and “fall” seasonal “madness gift extravaganzas”. For both of these evening online Facebook events, I stayed up way past my bedtime but it was so worth losing some beauty sleep to score some great t-shirts for my son during the fabulous sponsor giveaways and online promotion codes. I highly recommend you participate in their next one – I hope the “winter” one takes place soon. I also encourage you to check out Boys Be Cool’s manifesto and rules HERE.

Founder/publisher & as she calls herself “everything else” Julia Angel had set out on her Boys Be Cool style crusade with an ambitious goal to change the bleak landscape of the boys’ fashion. Driven around the world by her insatiable wanderlust and curiosity, she had learned to absorb and embrace different styles and fashion choices blending and melting them into her very own cosmopolitan style, where everything was possible. She applies this crazy mix to styling her son’s incredible outfit. At Boys Be Cool, Julia shares her valuable skills and thrifty fashionista’s resources with other parents who believe that boys and style are not mutually exclusive. Previously, Julie was an international business development executive.

Boys Be Cool will be celebrating its second anniversary in January 2012. I am confident that this company will be around for many future decades, helping create many more generations of cool, stylish boys. (Truthfully, I must confess that I was almost hesitant to share this information with you but I realize that would be very unfair and make me very, very selfish)

Boys Be Cool