Breaking Bugaboo Donkey News: Prices Announced!!

You know we love the idea of the Bugaboo Donkey!  Our undercover (unauthorized!) video of the Bugaboo Donkey should have told you that!  Well, we have breaking Bugaboo Donkey news!  This is what we’ve all been waiting for.  The prices!  The availability date!  The configurations!  We have it all!  (We got it from our good friends at Magic Beans!)

Let’s get to the specifics!


April 1, 2011.

It’s important to note that initially the Bugaboo Donkey will ONLY be sold in stores.  Not online (at least to start with!).  That’s right – you will have to pick this bad boy up at a real, brick and mortar store.  And only a select retailers will have the privilege of selling it. If you don’t live near one of these special retailers, I’m sure they will be taking phone orders!


The Bugaboo Donkey base colors will be black and sand.  You will then have the options of the Tailored Fabric colors of Black, Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Off-White and Sand.


We know, we know.  Get to the price, right!!  We’ve all been wondering – how much is the Donkey going to set up back?  How much are we going to have to convince our husbands that it is a good idea?  The short answer is: $1199, $1499 and $1659.  Why three prices for one stroller?  Well, there will be three configurations to choose from – Mono, Duo and Twin. described these three configurations the best:

Mono – $1199
This configuration is for one child, and includes the base stroller, the side luggage basket and a bassinet that converts into a stroller seat. Because the bassinet and stroller seat use the same frame, you would need to purchase additional parts to use this with an additional child.

Components: Stroller Base, Tailored Fabric Set

Duo – $1499
This configuration is for two children who are different ages. With the Duo configuration, you can use the stroller with either a bassinet and a stroller seat or two stroller seats.

Components: Stroller Base, Tailored Fabric Set, Duo Extension Set, Sun Canopy

Twin – $1659
This configuration is for twins or two newborn babies. With the Twin, you can use the stroller with two bassinets, a bassinet and a stroller seat, or two stroller seats.

Components: Stroller Base, 2 Tailored Fabric Sets, Duo Extension Set, Bassinet Base Complete

What’s in the components?

Stroller Base ($1109) – chassis, 1 seat frame, 1 set of canopy wires, side luggage basket, underseat basket, bassinet fabric, seat fabric and rain cover

Tailored Fabric Set ($90) – sun canopy fabric, bassinet apron

Duo Extension Set ($245) – 1 seat frame, 1 set of canopy wires, seat fabric and rain cover

Sun Canopy ($55) – sun canopy fabric

Bassinet Base Complete ($125) – bassinet fabric

If you want to get on a list to be alerted of pre-order sales, head over to our friends at Magic Beans and fill out their contact form here.

And when we hear more breaking information, you’ll be the first to know!!

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Who says you can’t get them on line?? I saw one sell on eaby on 28th June for $2900!!


hi! I alredy have a Camaleon, but with a baby on the way, I was wondering if my original seat will fit the duo mode so I could buy a mono and use my old parts for my older boy!
do you think that makes any sense? I love recycling and I don´t think I if can live knowing I have a perfect stroller on my basement and payed a small fortune for new one I don´t even know how long my older boy is going to use still!


I have a lot of friends who have purchased strollers for every child they have had. If you add up all of those it would equal the amount of one of these. I am willing to pay the price since it will be the one and only stroller I ever have to buy. I am waiting to see the donkey in person before I am 100% sure it can fit through clothing racks at stores. Other than that I am sold.


I think the prices are a little on the higher side *even though its Bugaboo*. However, I dont think there is ANY stroller out there that glides like a bugaboo…which is why im willing to pay the extra $. Our mortgage pymt is like $2500 bucks a month so this sees much reasonable when compared to MY home payment (which is ridiculous and Im trying to get out of!)

Love the donkey though! Prices are a little high. I wish it was around $1100 for the DUO.

Amanda E.

I am dying to know who these select retailers will be!!!


Um, yeah…that’s a mortgage payment, sometimes 2 months rent for some people. I have a lot of strollers and have probably spent over 1000.00 in them, but that’s just nuts.


I think those of us with twins should actually get a price break, since we’ll be paying more for everything else over the long run! 🙂


HOLY DONKEY CRAP! Thats insane.


yikes! I love this stroller, but that is a house payment!