Breastfeeding a form of “slavery” states the French president

Breastfeeding a form of slavery states the French president

The French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, was talking to a young mothers group on Tuesday, and was explaining how his wife is breastfeeding and concerned about her milk supply. He went on to say that breastfeeding was a form of “slavery” for women, and that it does “free men of blame.” You can read the full article here.

This has angered many women, and he is currently at the center of much criticism.


Oh Nicolas, Nicolas, Nicolas. Don’t you know the second strongest group to the Occupy-ers are us nursing mothers! You are the President and you should choose your words very carefully.

What do you think? Were his words insulting, or are people being a little too sensitive? Tell us your thoughts.


  1. He is ridiculous! BF my DS was such special time we shared together, just the two of us. I am so great full for these bonding times that were such a treasure I will never forget. Slavery is such a silly concept!!

  2. I’d like to read the entire article the comment came from. Sometimes comments that seem silly or mean are just taken out of context. On the other hand, maybe that is what the President really meant. If so, I don’t really care, it is just his opinion. I support women who want to breastfeed, but I also don’t think breastfeeding is the holy grail of motherhood. How you feed your baby is a very personal choice based on individual and family medical, emotional, and mental conditions, so it is really nobody else’s business.

  3. well i tried to nurse with my baby but i was not able to he went to soymilk but that is fine by me and i have read that most babies they either latch on or dont but hopefuly with my second that will be born in july will be able to breastfeed and i learned alot from a nurse at the hospital

  4. It is a silly thing to say. “Slavery” is by definition, involuntary servitude, and breastfeeding IS voluntary. However, I am not outraged… more just an eyeroll over an ignoramus, let’s face it, this isn’t the first moronic thing out of his mouth. Hopefully his wife can set him straight.

  5. While I will never regret breastfeeding my daughter, it was not easy. She was never able to latch, and despite weeks of lactation consultants and doctors, it just never happened. It was incredibly stressful and left me feeling very guilty that I couldn’t feed her the way I wanted to. So, while I feel he has no business discussing his wife’s nursing issues with the press, I can understand why some people don’t find it as empowering and pleasant as we are all told it will be.

  6. I am a breastfeeding mother myself right now, my baby is 6 1/2 weeks old. I have nursed all of my children. I have never thought of it as slavery. I find it to be a good bonding time with my child. He, being a man, will never know the joys of being able to nourish his baby. I think it is a blessing to be able to breastfeed. Perhaps he is jealous?!


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