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  1. As a frequent Facebook user, I have had several photos of my daughter (the first in 95 years on her daddy’s side) nursing removed by Facebook employees because of “nudity” claims. When there is a photo of a child actively nursing, or having fallen asleep nursing with a nipple in their mouth – it is not a sexual photo we are trying to post. We are proudly showing that we are FEEDING our child, and “look, how cute, Lucille fell asleep while eating” this isn’t porn, is not nudity, it’s nature and natural!!

  2. As a mother who exclusively breastfed for 18 months, I TOTALLY disagree with mother who post pictures of them breast feeding. Yes, I understand how much breast feeding takes over your life, but this is a private and intimate time that needs to be shared and kept private between mother and child. There is no reason any good mother would shap a photo while breast feeding and share it with the world…. Did you snap a photo of you delivering your child and post a picture of your vagina in the hospital? No, most likely not. Breast feeding is beautiful, share your thought and emotions, not photos.

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