BabbaBox – the Craft Box that You’ve Been Looking For (+ GIVEAWAY)

Summer is a great time to spend extra time with the kids but I find myself struggling to find new activities to do from time to time. Sure, we hit the pool and play outside many days but on those extra hot days or when it is raining, I’m always looking for a great craft to do with them. Since I can only play Play Doh so many times, I needed some new ideas.

That’s why I was so happy to get the opportunity to try out the BabbaBox. A brainchild of BabbaCo’s founder, Jessica Kim, this monthly membership box comes filled with activities that are not only fun to do with the kids but educational so it also may teach them a thing or two.

The BabbaBox arrives at your door each month sporting a different theme. My kids were very excited that this month’s theme was “Sun, Moon & Stars”. Since I’m not a big stargazer, this gave me an opportunity to feel like a good parent for “crafting” with my kids but also an excuse to explore this arena with my kids.

Let’s start with the box itself. I loved the presentation of the BabbaBox. Once you get a box or two, your kids will start to recognize the fun green box that arrives as a new journey into something different, fun and crafty.


Inside the box I loved that the contents were neatly organized into four different activities and included descriptions, instructions and everything you need plus a small gift for mom. I definitely appreciated that they included mom in this one. The mom (or dad!) gift was a fabulous wine stopper that made me think that they knew me personally. Or do all moms enjoy a glass of wine after the kids go to bed?!?


Each monthly box is designed to accomplish four goals: Create, Explore, Story Tell and Connect. Each goal is laid out for you in the instructions and even tells you what that particular activity will work on such as motor skills, creative or cognitive thinking.

The BabbaBox is designed for one child but I found that this month’s box was easy to include and engage both my 5 and 7 year old easily.

Our first activity fell under the “Create” category. With the included balloons, paper, glue and light, my kids made their own glowing moon. This was a messy activity but I loved that the instructions warned of that and recommended that we cover our work space with newspaper.


The kids loved this two-part activity (you have to do two layers of paper-mache over two days) and were quite pleased with the end result. Making our glowing moon took about 60 minutes total over two days.


The second activity was to make a constellation of stars using the power of the sun. Since two pieces of the sun paper was included and plenty of star stickers to go around both my kids got to do their own craft with this one. The process of making the constellation of stars took about 20-25 minutes but we did have to let it dry for a few hours before framing.


The third activity was under our “Story Tell” goal. The box included a wonderful, hardback book (Twinkle Star of the Week) about a star named Twinkle and her journey to discover her special talent. This was a great activity for the whole family. We let our 7 year old read this delightful story to her younger brothers and it was a hit with all of them.


While the first three activities were great, the fourth activity was the biggest hit of them all. Making a lunar calendar turned out to be another fun activity for the entire family. The BabbaBox included a pair of fold-able, child-size binoculars and a blank moon calendar so that we could keep track of the moon’s cycle. Now because of the BabbaBox it has become a nightly family habit for us all to go outside and check the moon before bedtime.


To accomplish our last goal of “connect”, the instructions in the box sent us to digital content online to learn how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on a digital piano. I had no idea there were digital pianos online so even old mom learned a thing or two with the BabbaBox.

Overall, we all really enjoyed the BabbaBox this month. A box filled with pre-planned activities all neatly separately and well thought out was exactly what this mom in a craft rut needed. If you are looking for a great way to spice up your “craft time” each month with your kids ages 3-6, I highly recommend signing up for the BabbaBox. The membership takes the guesswork out of crafts for you each month. Since there are usually four activities in each box, you could space out the crafts to one each week and that would take you right up to when the next BabbaBox arrives. That way you always have a Babba craft to do each week. Plus, it gives your little ones something to look forward to when their craft box to do with mom arrives at your door.

Right now BabbaCo is running a special back-to-school pack promotion which offers the first 3 months of the membership for 33% off (Only $20 per box!). You just need to use coupon code “BG33BTS” to get this 33% off OR you can get 20% off your first box when you sign up for a monthly subscription by using “BG20OFF“. Believe me, this is a membership worth signing up for.

To sign up for the BabbaBox, just visit their website at: (Don’t forget coupon code “BG33BTS“!)

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