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  1. There is definitely much to learn about this.
    I believe you made several good points in Features also.


  2. My granddaughter is three and has never had a carbonated drink. She doesn’t drink juice either. She loves water and drinks a lot of it. She also loves lettuce and vegetable.

  3. We try to keep soda and even most juices from our son but it can be challenging when we are around large gatherings. My son is very good at drinking water and my wife and I try to encourage by also using reusable water bottles.

  4. I always keep alot of fresh fruits & vegetables around where they can get to them quick & easy and put the ones that aren’t as healthy out of sight for a treat.

  5. We always eat healthy and organic as possible we never eat junk food I make fruits and vegetables in different shapes to make food fun to eat.

  6. We encourage our kids to drink water and eat healthy snacks between meals, if they get hungry. Fruits, vegetables, pretzels, and cheese are examples of their snacks. Thank you for the great giveaway.
    Ross Olson

  7. We keep healthy snacks on the counter or within easy reach in the fridge. Tonight’s dessert was a honey crisp apple.

  8. My daughter lives fruit of any kind, so we keep fresh fruit in the house. She also only gets water after a specific time.

  9. I know that it is hard to keep hydrated n even harder to make sure my daughter is, now I wouldn’t have to worry about the water in a drinking fountain especially living down here in the south. Just fill up the water bottle.

  10. I have just tried to teach them about making healthy choices. I know that doesn’t always mean they are going to eat fruit and veggies, so I try to encourage them to eat “treats” in moderation.

  11. We don’t keep soda or juice in the house. It’s water for us! We do let them have juice at Grandmas or in restaruants as a treat, but we don’t have it accessible at home.

  12. I put healthy snacks like yogurt and cheese sticks where he can see and reach them. 2 cups of water are always available too, he jsut picks them up and drinks them when he sees them!

  13. We only use water in our water bottles so if dd wants to use a cool bottle on the go (or at home), she can only have water. Tankfully that is what she asks for most of the time!

  14. My baby is only 7 months old, but we lead by example. She eats almost everything we eat, and it is always organic/healthy!

  15. My kids are only allowed to have water in between meals and fresh fruit, cheese, and whole grains for snacks…..We may be busy but we try!

  16. We rarely buy any junkfood, and always carry healthy snacks with us so we have options while out.

  17. I try to have healthy choices available at home and on the go. they are much more likely to grab something healthy if it is already easy to access and prepared.

  18. I would love to own a few of these for my Son, Ezekiel. He loves drinking water and the Brita Water Bottle will make him like it even more 🙂

  19. You can’t just tell them what to do…you, the parents, have to be an example of making healthy choices for your kids.

  20. This would really help keep my kids hydrated which is so important. I also make sure my red heads ALWAYS wear sunscreen

  21. I’m hoping to teach our children early, so they can make tons of healthy choices without me prompting them.

  22. We try our best to eat/drink what we want our kids to eat/drink. Our 3 year old always ask for “fresh cool water” after playing outside!

  23. i always make sure to have my son’s waterbottle full of water when we’re out and about – no juices or sodas – just water

  24. We try to lead by example. We do not drink any soda ourselves. The children drink mostly milk and water with the occasional seltzer or carbonated water.

  25. We always have healthy snacks on hand and carry water everywhere so we are not tempted to buy something we shouldn’t.

  26. I always encourage trying new fruits and veggies. When grocery shopping, my son gets to pick out one new fruit or veggie (and I support whatever he chooses, never say anything about price). Encourages healthy eating and trying new things!

  27. I make sure we have plenty of fresh fruits and veggies in our home at all times. I also do not buy soda and sugary drinks to consume.

  28. The best thing I can do is lead by example. Ihave also vowed to never just say, because I said so! I want my kids to know WHY they should chose water over soda or fruit over candy. Then they are given the tools to make good choices themselves instead of just obeying!

  29. Exercise good judgement at the grocery store. Talk to your children about healthy vs junk food. It will help them to learn to make good choices when you’re not there to monitor them.

  30. What a great idea! I love when a company not only advertises and says they want to make a difference, but they actually do! Way to go Brita!

  31. I’m with you regarding soda; my kids never tasted it and I can only control it for so long. I think these cups are cute and will encourage my kids to drink more water.

  32. I offer them sippy cups of water throughout the day since my 3 kids (4 and under) don’t always think of drinking themselves. We use tap water, but these Brita cups would be wonderful! 🙂 We also don’t keep soda in the house except for during sickness (Sprite, ginger ale) and that is a rare treat. We eat the “French way” at home (my dad is a French chef…) and rarely eat out. Balance in everything is healthiest, and taking time to enjoy food and each person around the table, at least for 2 meals a day. We love this unique time together! 🙂

  33. To encourage my daughter to be healthy, I try to lead by example. Also, being prepared with healthy snacks and water on the go helps!

  34. This would be great for my son. I keep water in the car and the diaper bag for him. We always encourage him to drink water.

  35. I only drink water from a Brita pitcher every day so he’s already seeing a good example from mommy. What a great way for him to have his own!

  36. For healthier choices I have a fruit bowl for my kids to grab as snacks and a drawer in the frudge with healthy options like cheese sticks and yogurt.

  37. We are all about healthy in our family! My son is almost 2 and is actually used to having a couple of veggies and fruits as sides with every meal! This bottle would be awesome for him to have water in we pack up in the jogging stroller and head out for our brisk jogs that he loves!

  38. I encourage my little guy to make healthy choices by only providing healthy options (whole grain, different fruits and veggies, organic) at home. He’s only 17 months, so outside influences are not a problem yet.

  39. It’s hard with all the T V commercials they aim at the kids. You have to start at a very early age to teach them whats best for them.

  40. I’m in total control of what goes in my daughter’s mouth so it’s easy for me to keep foods on the healthy side.

  41. I encourage them to make healthy decisions by making it fun! We also talk honestly about the effects not making healthy choices. My kids loved growing their own veggies this summer, I involve them in cooking, etc.

  42. I think the easiest way to help my kiddos make healthier choices on the go, is to make them for them… ahead of time… pack healthier snacks, and drink options… and plan more engaging activities!

  43. I think the easiest way to help my kiddos make healthier choices on the go, is to make them for them… ahead of time… pack healthier snacks, and drink options… and plan more engaging activities!

  44. Lucky that both of my girls drink ONLY water:-) They also eat healthy.Favorite dish? Salmon;whole grain pasts and broccli:-)

  45. I buy mostly healthy foods and explain the difference to them. They love fruits and veggies, they know when they are out soda pop is not an option and we don’t have it in the house either. If you start from the beginning its a lot easier.

  46. I have taught them from a young age to eat healthy foods and I remind them occassionally, now that they are older. Thank You!

  47. My husband and I have started to make the transition to drinking water instead of anything else especially when eating out with our son. C (18 months old) has only ever had milk or water to drink up to this point. 🙂

  48. We don’t GIVE them choices. Well, I mean, they have some choices. But, for instance, they just aren’t allowed to drink soda (usually). You can drink water or you can go thirsty. (This did not work when they were toddlers. They would literally just not drink anything at all. Every one of my kids has hated water.) They still don’t drink *enough* water, though.

  49. I try and lead by example…I always have water with me when we are out and about. I offer water first before any other drink. Sometimes my 2 year old now asks for water 🙂

  50. I agree – if you don’t have unhealthy choices available to the kids then the kids automatically go for the healthier options that are available. 🙂

  51. Rafflecopter says it is no longer accepting entries.

    Anyhow, my kids actually prefer water over anything else offered. I do occasionally let them drink soda but honestly my oldest son (8) will tell you that water is better and will sometimes turn down everything else.

    1. I’m sorry, ladies, the Rafflecopter widget is fixed now. You should be able to enter with no problem up until midnight tonight. 🙂

  52. I love Brita products. And these are CUTE!!!!!!! If I win, folks may be seeing an adult woman using it!!!!!!!

  53. Why does rafflecopter say it’s no longer accepting entries? I just got the email about the contest this minute! And it’s not 11:59pm yet! 🙁

  54. I make healthy choices readily available, and my daughter will choose carrots or bell peppers over cookies anytime

  55. My mom always kept tea (green tea, barley tea etc) in the fridge and had healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, yogurt and rice cracker around so my brothers and I got into a habit of eating them. We also ate Frits after meal as dessert. 🙂

  56. Per our dentist’s advice, we let the kids drink milk or juice at meals, but the rest of the time, it’s water. He explained that constant exposure of kids’ teeth to sugar is a big problem. 🙂

  57. I am also a “water only” mama! LOL. Although, there have been a couple (I could definitely count on one hand) times where only soda was available so my husband let them have Sierra Mist….. But on the whole, their beverage choices are milk or water. I encourage this by them seeing me drink only those 2 beverages as well! We also got them each a water bottle but they are starting to wear out! 🙂

  58. I guess I’m in the minority with, soda & juice too, my kids get water, water, water and milk or coconut water….fresh fruits and their “treat” is a fruit/veggie pouch.
    It not always easy, but I consciously avoid the crap drinks too!

  59. I try to set a good example by making good choices myself, most likely if I eat it they will too. Also, by switching it up – broccoli and carrots one day, salad the next! So it’s fun and almost like a treat for them!

  60. I offer my daughter the veggies first before I show her other foods. Because if she sees anything else, she will refuse to eat the veggies.

  61. I bought milk straws and my kids LOVE drinking milk when they get a “Flavored milk straw” with it

  62. I pack pretty much everything we need for a day from home so we aren’t stuck with unhealthy options while on the go

  63. we try to only have healthy options available at home. We avoid sugary snacks and drinks. This would be amazing for a school age child!

  64. My husband and I only drink water in the house to encourage the kids to do the same. We only allow other drinks once a day so most of the time the kids push it off and end up drinking only water. Small accomplishments in he constant battle of making sure they are eating/drinking healthy 🙂

  65. I stock the snack cabinet with pre-portioned healthy snacks in small containers and let him choose what he would like to enjoy.

  66. Luckily, my 2 year old loves drinking water and prefers water over juice or milk. I have seen the adult version of this water bottle and am very happy to see in a kid-friendly size. I will be looking for this product in my local stores as its a convenient way of drinking clean water!

  67. I have two water bottles for each of my boys (three are in the process of dying on us) I keep one filled in the fridge each night. we pull them out the moment we start to pack up for our day or right after breakfast if we are staying home. I keep them refilled as often as needed. I have found they say “I am starving!” a lot less when they have enough water!

  68. We all carry around fun, decorative bottles filled with water, and I buy ice cube trays in fun shapes to encourage them to drink water. We also cook together, so many kids don’t see food in it’s raw form, I think it helps them to make healthier choices if they can learn what to do with a raw fruit or veggie

  69. I try to teach my kids to be healthy and stay active because we have a long family history of obesity, high BP, heart disease and diabetes. I want to break that trend for my children’s sake, I don’t want them, or me to follow the family legacy with a 60 year life span

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