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Yep, this is the biggest week of the year in the world of baby gear! It is the annual ABC Kids Expo which is one of North America’s largest trade shows. Featuring thousands of booths covering nearly one million square feet of exhibitor space all focused on children’s products, Hollie is here for you again this year with a special Facebook LIVE broadcast from the show’s floor inside the Britax booth.

Today, we spent some time with our friends at Britax and we introduced you to their newest premium lightweight stroller, the B-Free! This 3-wheel buggy makes family life easy and more convenient on the go. You’re FREE to bring more baby gear with seven (yes, SEVEN!) pockets and an extra-large storage basket. The oversized canopy extends to protect your baby from the sun, and 3-wheel configuration provides ultimate maneuverability.

Britax B-Free

The B-Free features fantastic, no-flat tires, a 65-lb weight capacity and a quick, one-handed fold that makes it easy to store so you are FREE to keep going. The infinite recline is perfect for nap time and the adjustable handle is ideal for our parents and grandparents of all different heights.

If a travel system is your thing, the B-Free does that too! The included Click & Go adaptors make this stroller compatible with all Britax infant car seats.

britax bfree


Plus, we all know that tons of storage is key, and the B-Free stroller doesn’t disappoint with 7 storage pockets and an extra-large basket.

All of these amazing features will be available when the B-Free hits stores in early November. In the meantime, how about we give some away before you can even buy them? Yep, it’s giveaway time but we are doing this one a bit different.

Now, we know all that the B-Free sounds perfect for that day-to-day, on-the-go stroller for mom and dad but don’t you think it would be perfect for the grandparents as well? If the grandparents plan to watch your baby every once in a while (and who doesn’t LOVE that idea?!?), having their own stroller on hand is a perfect idea. Just think…you’ll be FREE to stay out longer knowing the grandparents have the perfect gear to bond with their favorite little ones. Fortunately, the lightweight (weighs 22 lbs) B-Free stroller offers a compact, one-hand fold — GREAT for grandma’s house.

So, we have decided to give away FIVE (yes, FIVE!!) Britax B-Free strollers to grandparents. Don’t worry, moms and

dads, you can enter the giveaway for them. You’ll just need to share a photo of the grandparents (if they are with the baby in the photo – bonus points! – but not required as we know that many of you are still expecting the little one!) as part of your entry. Of course, we’ll give you bonus entries like we always do but we REALLY want to see those photos of the grandparents! And if you win, we know you’ll fall in the love with the prize, but just promise us that you’ll actually give the stroller prize to grandma and/or grandpa, m’kay?? 🙂

B-Free GiveawayEnter


Five (5) Britax B-Free Strollers


This giveaway STARTS now and ends at 11:59pm PST on October 19, 2017. US ONLY.

Rafflecopter is back for this one but we are making it SUPER EASY to enter! Only a couple of mandatory entries and the rest are optional entries. You can do them if you want or not.  But let us warn you – if you want the extra entries, make sure you actually complete the entries! If you click on “leave a blog comment” on the Rafflecopter widget – make sure you actually leave a blog comment. We check! If you don’t do the actual entry – it doesn’t count! You won’t win. We’ll both be sad. And we don’t like sad 🙁

Entry form should be below.  If it doesn’t load right away – just wait longer. *In my best Jim Carrey voice from Pet Detective.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Baby Gizmo founder Hollie Schultz is the proud mom of three adorable kids. This certified CPS (Child Passenger Safety) Tech and baby gear expert is the host of the Baby Gizmo video reviews giving moms the inside look at baby products before they purchase them. Hollie is also the co-author of The Baby Gizmo Buying Guide. A former resident of Los Angeles, she and her family now live in North Carolina where she is having a blast designing and decorating her new home.


  1. This will help us #BeFree2 because the wheels are big and can go over way more tricky spots than my current stroller! My current stroller is very frustrating.

  2. Having a stroller for my Mother in law to take her her grandkids to the park or high school football game so much easier than it has been. ???? this would be so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. What if my husband and I are the grandparents??? Just married off our first daughter and hoping for grandkids in the near future.
    I love that this stroller is light weight and will be easy to open and close. You know if I have decent baby equipment, I won’t get frustrated and be a crabby grandma. I’ll be more likely to keep baby longer so the daughter and son-in-law can stay out longer. ????

  4. This would amazing for quick ins and outs when only my newborn needs to be in the stroller. That way I wouldn’t have to always lug around my big double

  5. This stroller would be so convenient to have for my mother, who is my babysitter while I’m at work. She always love to go for walks with her grandkids.

  6. Id love to win this stroller!!! After trying for 6 years we are finally pregnant!! My sister has this stroller, I’ve seen how small it folds up. That’s great great for grandparents cars! Pick me! ????

  7. We have Britax carseats and this would be perfect for baby boy #2 coming by Dec 23rd!! We are very active and love running and walking! Tgis would be great for my 17 month old too! 🙂

  8. This would be great as our children’s great grandma helps and folding up one handed is awesome! We would actually be able to have a date night! #bFree2

  9. I love that you are doing this for grandparents. My mother is so helpful and babysits often for my boys I’m glad to get the chance to win an easy stroller for her to use.

  10. This would be so amazing. We go on daily 3 miles walks and this would be perfect ???????? pulling a wagon is hard work ????

  11. This would be so much easier than the 4 wheel (heavy) stroller that my daughter keeps sending with grandma! It is difficult for me to lift that stroller in and out of the car. This Britax at 22lbs would be so much easier and I love the one hand collapse!

  12. This stroller will free up my other hand to help keep my 5 year old from running wild in parking lots thanks to it’s one handed fold. Also my trunk will be free to hold more things.

  13. I would be able to get some time to relax. I could read a book or take a bath in piece! I love that this stroller is compact and easy to put away!

  14. This would be great for us! Grandma loves to take the toddler for walks and this would allow her to be gone for even longer since there is so much storage! That way I’d be able to take a longer nap! (38 weeks pregnant… and SO tired…)

  15. My parents would benefit from this stroller. They babysit my daughter while I am at work. And this light weight, one hand fold is perfect for my parents on the go. With 7 pockets and a large basket. They will be pleased. My mom can’t lift heavy items. This stroller is perfect for her. She will love it!

  16. This stroller would be amazing to have for my little ones grandparents! They are both unable to carry him due to disabilities, so this stroller would be wonderful!

  17. This would be great for when we visit the grandparents, who are out of state, and they babysit for us. They don’t have a stroller for baby boy yet and we wouldn’t need to bring ours. That will save us some room in the trunk. They will absolutely love this grandparent stroller and so easy to use and care for!

  18. I can’t wait to be able to easily travel with my 1 year old. We’re using a bulky stroller right now and this will help us #befree2

  19. I’ve been using a stroller since my “almost 8-year old” was a baby. This would allow our family to B-Free by having a nice new stroller that is easy to push and use!!

  20. This stroller would be amazing for my parents LO (now 5 months) grandparents as they have been living with us while I went back to work and hubby is deployed. We have a Britax stroller but they find the weight and bulk difficult would love to have something lighter and easier for grandparents to use.

  21. This stroller is awesome. I love that it has space under it. I also love the weight limits and looks like it will be an awesome city stroller.

  22. My baby girl was just born yesterday. We already have a stroller, but this would be great for the grandparents. They don’t have a stroller but do have nice sidewalks by their house.

  23. I always wished to have an extra stroller to keep at my parents house. This stroller would be perfect to have at my parents house and will make life easier for all of us.

  24. This stroller is great, it would allow the grandparents to easily cart around our daughter when she is tired of walking. #bFREE2

  25. I love all these features for this stroller. My mom a grandma of 7 can benefit from this. She can use it for 5/7 of her grandkids, two of which are mine!!

  26. I have been looking for a new stroller for nun 5 month old since before he was born! I love the b ready (it’s on my list) but the B Free seems perfect for our family! It hits all the marks! I’m so excited to try it out.

  27. This is such a great giveaway! How awesome for the grandparents!! Love it! MY mom who is turning 70 and my day who is already in his 70’s would appreciate it so much!!

  28. My mommy and daddy would love this stroller to use on my daughter and my 2 nephews. My mom watches my daughter while I work. So, she has been using an umbrella stroller just because it’s lightweight. But The britax with a large canopy and extra pockets and air tires. And especially the one hand fold. It would be perfect for my parents when they take my daughter when they run their errands.

  29. Love that this stroller fits in to the lightweight category and is self standing. The bottom basket accessibility through the front is great! – I’m most interested in the higher weight limit for child though, it makes it easy to keep a soon to be preschooler wrangled.

  30. I dream of the day my parents would take care of my little one and bring her out in a stroller. It’ll give me a break that I desperately need and make me feel free again if only for a day.

  31. i would love to have this specially because is light weight. Is hard for me to carry around my current stroller, specially because i’m 5’0 and have small hands. tThis would me perfect.

  32. This stroller would be perfect with baby #2 due in February! Our current stroller (b-agile) has seen better days as we bought it for our daughter who is now 5. What a perfect option to leave for grandma and grandpa when my husband and i can get a few free moments alone together!!!

  33. I’d love to win this, my mom has a really bad back from a car accident that required surgery and my youngest is very rambunctious and she can’t chase him around and I only have a double stroller and she can’t even pick that up so this would allow her to spend time with him with ease and comfort.

  34. Would love to win the stroller for my two month old baby. Everything I have is outdated (last baby is turning 6) and heavy unlike this stroller.

  35. This would help me be free by allowing us to have two strollers one for my toddler and one for the baby on the way in December

  36. This would be perfect for our Gaga and Pawpaw! They watch the grandkids during the week and this stroller will allow them to get out more and Be Free (not chasing kids)!!

  37. We only have a single stroller that we use for our 2 girls and #3 is due November 12th. Would definitely love a second stroller!

  38. Love how strollers give you the ability to have your hands free and can move around easily. Not to mention a place to put all your stuff!

  39. Love this beautiful new stroller! The grandparents would love pushing the baby around in this while I chase the toddler twins!

  40. I love that there is no bar across the back to kick. I have a long stride and it’s so hard to find a stroller with out it 😀

  41. My parents are always walking and loves taking out all the grandkids ! This would be perfect for them once my little guy arrives ! More grandkids for them to babysit and take for a stroll ????

  42. I really love the easy fold!! So perfect for grandparents and is parents! Plus yay for tons of storage! Pockets are a caregivers dream!!! ❤❤❤❤

  43. This would allow my husband and I to #BFree2 leave our son with either set of grandparents since they are neighbors and wouldn’t mind sharing such a nice, light and small stroller!

  44. Love how easy this stroller will be for grandparents to use! My mother-in-law is obsessed with sun protection, so she will love the huge canopy!!! #bfree2 will be Mother-in-law approved lol!

  45. As foster parents we are grateful for my parents stepping in to give us a break. The Be Free stroller will allow us to just get away and catch a movie or have dinner. They can take the kids to the park or even on a walk. This would be awesome!

  46. Love britax. I have a b-ready and a b-safe 35 elite. My mom had a stroke and her left side was partially paralyzed. So an easy fold stroller is perfect for her!

  47. Such an amazing gift! Our daughters have the most amazing grandparents and we are blessed to have them in our lives! #BFree2

  48. FIVE?! Here’s hoping I’m one of the 5! This stroller looks and sounds amazing! It should even handle uneven, icy, snow drifted Chicago sidewalks this winter.

  49. Omg! Such a great giveaway. And nice of you to think of the grandparents. My mom would love this to take my daughter around when she babysits her 🙂


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