Britax Debuts the B-Agile 4

B-agile 4

There is a new four-wheel stroller from Britax hitting the streets soon! The B-Agile 4 is the beloved B-Agile stroller but with the four wheels that some parents feel that they MUST have!

It has the same lightweight, aluminum frame, one-handed fold, easy push, large canopy and all-wheel suspension, but the B-Agile 4 rolls on FOUR wheels. It will be available in Slate (gray) and Fossil Brown at the end of June and will retail for $279. A Baby Gizmo video review will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

B-agile 4

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Hello! I am about to buy the new B-Agile 4 wheels but do you think it is suitable for long walks in the park? Thanks!

I know, Sofmeca. This stroller has been around for while in Europe, and I liked it so much better than the 3-wheel version. I’m so glad it’s finally coming to the States! The extra stability is necessary for some people. ha ha I have trouble with curbs and other things, so I finally had to ditch my 3-wheeler! I know I’m not the most coordinated person ever, so the “new” B-Agile 4 stroller is for me!!! By the way, this stroller is one that has the same name in both Europe and the States. Also the new Britax Affinity has… Read more »
Sorry for my bad english, I am far from being bilingual. It is strange, in France we have the B-agile 4 wheels from the beginning but we have the 3 wheels one since 2013 (and it’s hard to find). The 4-wheels model is much more stable but less off-road. Similarly, the B-Ready (here called B-Dual) doesn’t have a second car seat adapter, we have to import it from the USA and in Australia it’s called Strider Plus and is suitable in 3-wheels. Moreover, the Quinny Zapp exists here only in 3 wheels and we have the Xtra2 (with folding seat)… Read more »

Wow! they copied Baby Jogger and Valco again.