Britax Free Ride Event Has Started!!

Get the 2013 Free Ride Event Information HERE!

The Britax Free Ride Event has officially started!  If you are thinking about getting the Britax B-Ready then THIS is the time to buy! Seriously, don’t wait people because this free ride event doesn’t happen often. It started today and will run until July 31 or while supplies last! “While supplies last” is very important because the Free Ride ended early last time and caught some people off guard.  If you are interested in this fabulous sale – do not wait because you never know when supplies run out! Plus, you’d hate for the store you want to buy from to sell out of your favorite color. Just buy it now to avoid the disappointment! 🙂

When you purchase a Britax B-Ready Stroller, you get your choice of a FREE Chaperone or B-Safe Car Seat, Second Seat OR Bassinet!  Who doesn’t like FREE, right?!?!

We found the cheapest prices on the B-Ready on Amazon! Click on any of the links below to buy:

Black B-Ready = $398.99 with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX

Red B-Ready = $398.99 with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX

Navy Blue B-Ready = $398.99 with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX

Silver B-Ready = $398.99 with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX

 Twilight B-Ready = $398.99 with FREE SHIPPING and NO TAX


Here are the details:

BRITAX offers parents a free stroller-compatible BRITAX product—valued up to $230—with the purchase of the BRITAX B-READY stroller beginning July 1 until July 31, or while supplies last.

Parents now have their choice of one free BRITAX Chaperone Infant Car Seat ($229.99), B-SAFE Infant Car Seat ($179.99), Bassinet ($149.99) or Second Child Seat ($149.99) with a purchase of the B-READY stroller. The B-READY is a modular stroller that can be converted from a single child system to a two-child or twin system using any combination of seats, bassinets and infant car seats in 14 configurations. The BRITAX “Free Ride” Event runs through July 31, 2012, or while supplies last.

The B-READY is available in black, red, navy blue, silver and twilight.

To order the B-Ready with the free seat/bassinet promotion (see all the information below):

1)  Put the B-Ready of your choice in your cart

2)  Add the bassinet, second seat or the Infant Car Seat to your cart

3) Proceed with checkout.  Amazon will deduct the second seat/bassinet/car seat from the total just before you place the order.

Yes, this includes the 2012 B-Ready model with the cool new tires!! If you need a little convincing, check out our video review:




  1. Ugh I just went to purchase it from amazon and they are no longer offering the promotion. Any idea when they’ll have it again?

  2. I bought mine at BuyBuyBaby – they were willing to price match from Amazon, so I was able to get the color I wanted and make sure that it was the 2012 model. I am totally, totally loving this stroller! I have a Bob Duallie and a Quinny Buzz single, but for running errands with both of my kids, this one is my favorite! Even if I am wearing one of my kids, the diaper bag, shopping bags, etc., can go in the lower seat and it still pushes like a dream.

    Thanks for posting the info about the Free Ride Event – we’d been talking about getting a double in this style and once I saw this, I jumped on it. Yes, it’s expensive, but for a good quality seat-over-seat style double, this one is about half the price of the competitors and well worth the $400. (Also, they sell on our Craigslist for $250 – $300, so I figure that in a few years, I can get most of my money back.)

  3. Hi – I looked at the B Ready on Amazon and there is a 2012 model – I would say if they shipped you an older model yet they were advertising it as a 2012 I would send it back! I know you got yours from babies r us but there is a 2012 model on Amazon.
    I did notice though that you have to get both the stroller and accessory from Amazon – sometimes they have other companies shipping. For example – I can get the silver stroller and it ships from Amazon but if I add the silver second seat it ships from Comfort1st and it will not deduct it from my total. If I go back in and get the black stroller and the black second seat (both shipping from Amazon) it does deduct it. Hope that helps someone out there!

  4. I purchased my b-ready and chaperone from babies r us the silver edition. Be AWARE! The dealer; aka Amazon, Babies r Us, who ever you buy it from deciedes what year of the product to send you. I have a 2011 stroller and car seat with only one option-return them and wait for the event next year.
    Just wish I was aware of this before hand :/
    Still love britax, but just wanted the 2012 stroller-not the 2011.

  5. Is it awful to want a 3rd child just so I can justify purchasing this amazing stroller? I am sooo in love with the b-ready. I have tried out strollers like icandy, uppa baby vista, bany jogger city select and the Britax is the best of all of them. My favorite things:
    Dream to push
    Lots of leg room with 2nd seat attached
    Pretty colors
    Solid product, not tippy and sturdy
    Amazing configurations

    I have a 4yo and 10month old and will not be purchasing, but all you new moms who will be trying for number 2 or more this is the best stroller for you to purchase. I really cannot justify buying right now when I have 3 other strollers in excellent condition.

  6. Considering what we paid for a single travel system, all-terrain jogger, and umbrella (none of which were high-end brands) stroller for our first child, yes, this is a great deal. Britax has an amazing track record for engineering some of the best products in strollers, car seats, and carriers. The 2012 B-Ready strollers retail for around $500.00. They knocked $100.00 off of that and are throwing in a free infant car seat, bassinet, or second seat (all of which retail for over $100 each, for free). Yes, I’ll admit it is a little steep for a travel system, but considering everything it will be taking the place of so we don’t have to shell out another $300+ in double stroller equipment, it’s worth it. We are getting the B-Ready during this event because we are expecting our second child in October and wanted a good, sturdy, dependable tandem stroller/travel system with a great re-sale value! Once we get our use out of this stroller and our kids outgrow it, we are going to sell it and get most of what we paid back for it. Check Craigs List and Ebay, they re-sale for quite a bit! I have been doing research for months on this stroller and am so glad they are holding this event because this is a great time to get it!! Any other time, it is way too expensive, but considering we need a new infant car seat, anyway, it totally works out for us! True, it may not be for everybody, but after comparing with other double strollers and other strollers in it’s class, it is the best option for us. So, if you have the money to spend on the stroller without sacrificing your family budget, then do get it; but I’d hope if people didn’t have the money to spend on it, they would have the common sense to go with a more cost-efficient stroller.

  7. I am sorry I don’t usually comment on things like this but 400 dollars for a stroller is absolutely ridiculous. You can get a nice stroller for half of that and I think that that is still pushing it. There are so many big experiences with children and buying an extravagant stroller or even offering a “good deal” on a 400 dollar stroller is ridiculous. Parents who are buying this give this some thought is this a good investment for my child and our family or could our money be used in a better way.

  8. Hello I jut purchased the b-ready about 2 weeks ago from would there be a way to still get this deal?


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