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  1. The Britax is a spectacular car seat! Living in NYC with number two on the way, having a second car seat would be spectacular. We could keep one here and leave one with our family back in CA so we don’t have to worry about traveling with it!

  2. Click Tight feature from Britax is AMAZING. But as CPS tech I always recommend parents to double check the tightness with a pinch test. If you unable to pinch a slack of webbing under shoulder pads -you good to go!

  3. Can this seat be used with a newborn? We have the frontier booster for my son and love the click tight system. We were going to skip the infant seat this time, would love to use the click tight if the seat would work. FWIW, my son was 8.8lbs…expecting this one to be around the same.

  4. This looks like a Chicco Nextfit design and Clek Foonf removable seat design. If the sides are lower then the Nextfit, I’m definitely getting on. Looks great!

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