Bubele’s Patch Buddies Have Your Child’s Back

A Bubele’s Patch Buddy may be just the thing to get your child through the rest of the school year.  Not to mention Spring Break and/or any upcoming trips your family has planned.  And I can’t think of a better camp bag for little ones.  It’s also extremely well-suited to help ease the transition into preschool come fall.

Bubele’s Patch Buddies combine an adorable cuddly plush toy, a soft blanket, and a functional backpack that’s the perfect size for children two to seven years of age. The line consists of 10 animals (bear, bunny, cat, chicken, cow, dog, mouse, panda, penguin and pig) and four special character toys (Kevin Mao, Tony, P-Jay and Bruno) that fit snuggly inside a unique opening in the backpack so the toy is always on display.

Bubele’s Patch Buddies retail for $12.99 each and the backpacks (red, yellow, blue or teal) retail for $13.99.  Be one of the very first to order yours online at www.patchbuddies.com.