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If you have a daughter who is into American Girl, you know how expensive everything can be. You can really drop a significant amount of cash on the dolls, clothes, accessories and furniture. My 8-year-old is a huge fan of American Girl which means every birthday and holiday, she wants more, more, more. Yes, we splurge on a few outfits and dolls here and there, but honestly, I have to draw the line at the furniture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s all adorable and there is even a Beetle car in the American Girl Place that my daughter is dying for, but it’s just not gonna happen. The furniture, cars, pianos, desks and such are usually out of our budget for a gift for our 8-year-old.

Since American Girl dolls are so popular, if you take the time to look, you can sometimes find great budget-friendly alternatives to the more pricier items. Sure, your mind immediately goes to EBay or Etsy for doll furniture, but since much of that is handmade, it isn’t much cheaper.

That’s why today I’m super excited to share with you a super budget-friendly alternative to the original American Girl Storage Cabinet. Here’s the thing – my daughter has collected quite a few outfits and accessories to go with her American Girl dolls. The last thing I want is for those $30 outfits and accessories to go missing. They need to be organized all in one place.

I could buy the American Girl Storage Cabinet that is beautifully made and holds all the doll’s stuff including the doll but then I would have to justify $349 to my husband for a doll’s armoire. Listen, I can’t even justify that to myself especially since I could buy a full-size dresser for my daughter’s clothes for that amount!

Good thing Target is to the rescue! They have a great Our Generations Wooden Wardrobe that is a fraction of the cost and is made to accommodate the clothes and accessories of 18″ dolls. Hey, American Girl dolls are 18″ dolls! Score! This wardrobe is slightly smaller than the American Girl version but it has room for hanging outfits, 5 shelves for folded clothes and accessories and a large drawer for even more accessories. And to top it off, it has a mirror, fold down vanity and stool for the doll to get ready!

Instead of dropping $349 on a doll’s dresser, this one only costs $55! That’s right a FRACTION of the cost of the original! Am I a bargain shopper or what?? You can pick one of these up in select Target stores or on Target.com. Since we think this is such a good find, we had to make it today’s Baby Gizmo Video.

Shop the Our Generations Wooden Wardrobe HERE

American Girl Dresser

American Girl Wardrobe

American Girl Wardrobe

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