Bugaboo Bee: A Huge Hit In London!

Working for a baby product company means you tend to notice strollers, baby carriers, gadgets etc more than a normal person would. And walking around London, all I see is….. Bugaboo. Bugaboo Bee, Bugaboo Cameleon, I even spotted the expensive Bugaboo Donkey in my first week!

There are other strollers around, but I would say 70% of the ones I have seen in the center of London are Bugaboos, and more specifically, the Bugaboo Bee.



Today, I took my kids to this fun playground and I played Spot The Bee. When I got to nine of them, I stopped counting. Moms, dads, grandparents, and babysitters were all rockin’ this stroller. Even celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Gwen Stephanie and Sienna Miller have been seen pushing their children in one on these busy streets. And it’s not a phase. Year after year, I see this stroller the most here.

Today at the park- Bugaboo Bee 1.
Today at the park – Bugaboo Bee 2


Bugaboo Bee 3 and it’s friend, Bugaboo Cameleon” width=”259″ height=”294″ /> Today at the park- Bugaboo Bee 3 and it’s friend, Bugaboo Cameleon

Why, you ask? Well, Bugaboo itself dubbed the Bee “The Urban Stroller.” Let’s see what it offers fast-paced city dwellers.

1. It’s small. The Bee is great for getting on and off London public transport like the bus and tube. Buses don’t have a lot of room for strollers, usually two maximum (or one side-by-side double, or one wheelchair and a stroller) so the more compact, the better. It also folds very compactly for storage in apartments.

2. It’s lightweight. You’ll find a lot of stairs in this busy city, so the lighter the weight of the stroller, the better.

3. Easy maneuverability. The foam filled rubber tires and adjustable handlebar make it easy to zip around the town.

4. Good amount of storage. Sometimes we have days that go from bright sunshine to pouring rain, all in the space of a few minutes. So having room for umbrellas, a diaper bag etc. is essential.

5. Long term use. A friend of mine that has the Bee says she loves that it can be used from newborn (with a baby cocoon or car seat) to toddlerhood. The seat reclines and faces inwards or outwards with a few quick clicks. You can even add a buggy board on the back for older kids to ride on!

To sum up: Cities + Babies = Bugaboo Bee. 🙂