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  1. When people talk about price and being “practical”, but if this lasts 3 years (which I believe it will last longer, not to mention through several children) you’re looking at $33 a month… think of it that way, and all the sudden it’s VERY practical

  2. This looks amazing! I am so sad that it isn’t expected to release in the US until 2014, since my LO will be almost past stroller age by then. But how cool is a one-handed fold Bugaboo?! I guess I will have to satisfy myself by drooling over pictures and giving my Cam3 some extra loving!

  3. Hi Hollie, thank you very much for bringing such a great news about BGB Buffalo 😉 It looks very good as other bgb strollers and I love the big wheels and the weight capacity 😉 Just what the Cameleon needed (a new BIG swivel wheels in the front 😉 and a little bit better frame (don’t get me wrong 🙂 I love Cameleon as it is 😉 So for sure I will get a new Buffalo when it’s out 😉

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