Bugaboo Runner Review (VIDEO)

Bugaboo Runner

This was the big year that Bugaboo finally gave their fans a sport jogging stroller with the introduction of the Bugaboo Runner! This sport stroller has the unique feature of a reversible seat while it literally glides along with its smooth ride and quality, sturdy frame.

Bugaboo owners will rejoice that they can use their existing Bugaboo seat from a Bee (2010 or new models), Donkey, Buffalo or Cameleon 3 with a Runner chassis, eliminating the need to buy an entirely new stroller. For those parents new to the Bugaboo family, the Runner can be purchased as an entire unit with seat and frame.

Bugaboo Runner


Since the seat on the Runner is the same seat as on the Cameleon 3, you can watch all about the specs of the seat in our Cameleon 3 review. One of the  biggest, most unique features of the Runner is the reversible seat. Most jogging strollers have a seat that only faces forward but Bugaboo knows that parents may want to gaze at their baby to take their mind off the pain of running.


The handle on the Runner can be adjusted both up and down from 34-42″ from ground to handle, which makes a great push for taller and shorter parents.

Bugaboo Runner


There is a large basket underneath that can be accessed from the back or front of the stroller and can hold a large diaper bag or a bunch of baby essentials.

Bugaboo Runner


The Runner rolls on three, air-filled tires that provide a super smooth ride. The two rear wheels are 16″ and the front tire is a FIXED 12″ wheel that has tracking to keep the stroller rolling straight. The front wheel does not have the ability to swivel making this a true jogging stroller. A one-step brake locks the stroller into place while the running brake on the handle slows the stroller while running hills or in case something hops in front of the stroller.

It has a weight capacity of 50 lbs which allows parents to run with a larger child with ease. (Just for reference, an average 4 year old weighs 40 lbs.)

Bugaboo Runner


The seat of the Runner needs to be removed before folding the chassis which makes the folded package two pieces. The frame folds easily with two hands but we wouldn’t say it’s the most compact folded stroller we’ve ever seen.


It’s important to note that Bugaboo states that the Runner does not accommodate an infant car seat, bassinet or carrycot, and you should never run with a baby under 6-8 months old.

Bugaboo fans have been waiting for a running stroller from them for years and this doesn’t disappoint! We are pleased that it accepts a current Bugaboo seat to save Bugaboo owners from having to buy an entire new stroller. The Bugaboo frame retails for $400 and the seat/chassis set retails for $815.

Check out our photos of the Bugaboo Runner below when we were out and about!

Bugaboo Runner


Bugaboo Runner


Bugaboo Runner


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