Bugaboo Teams up with Chef Ludo for webisodes for modern parents!

Bugaboo Teams up with Chef Ludo for webisodes for modern parents!

Bugaboo is about to collaborate with Chef Ludo to create a series of webisodes called “Ludo Baby Bites for Bugaboo” especially for modern parents on the go. The webisode idea transpired due to both Bugaoo and Chef Ludo’s passion for keeping dinner a family time with out being stressed out and also making something you like to eat not just because you are feeding your child.  Since we are big fans of both Bugaboo and Chef Ludo, we are excited to see what great ideas these websiodes bring!

Bugaboo Teams up with Chef Ludo for webisodes for modern parents!

The series of 12 webisodes starts today and all the information is below:

Bugaboo and award winning chef, and new father Ludo Lefebvre come together in the kitchen to promote healthy eating for modern families. The partnership consists of 12 webisodes, premiering Tuesday, December 6 on bugaboo.com/ludobabybites. A new webisode will be posted every Tuesday and will feature easy fun recipes for the entire family.

“We are really excited to collaborate with Chef Ludo. His support of healthy cooking, shopping local farmers markets, exploring outdoors and educating children about fresh food are all part of a great family experience,” says Kari Boiler, President of Bugaboo Americas. “We thought this was the perfect partnership to celebrate the modern family lifestyle.”

As a father of twins and a Bugaboo Donkey owner, Chef Ludo and wife Krissy are big Bugaboo supporters. “I go to the farmer’s market all the time, but now with the Bugaboo Donkey I can include the whole family and have plenty of room for everything we buy. I want my kids to learn the importance of fresh/whole foods and having the Bugaboo Donkey makes it easy for me to share this experience with them,” says Chef Ludo.

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