BuggyGuard to Protect Your Stroller

buggy_lgDo you ever worry about having to leave your luxury stroller in a public place? Do you avoid taking it to theme parks or other places that you have to park it? Maybe you don’t have a luxury stroller but are just really attached to your Graco? Worried that someone might steal it or mistakenly take your stroller? BuggyGuard to the rescue!

Since strollers prices are on the rise and in some cases reaching over $1,000, stroller theft is becoming a growing problem. A new tool for moms to protect their stroller recently debuted. The BuggyGuard, a cute lock for your stroller, was invented by a mom who had her daughter’s jogging stroller stolen. The lock is cute, compact and so easy to use. Simply choose a combination number (3-digit), pull the 4 ½ foot retractable, steel cable around your stroller wheels and/or a park bench or post and your buggy is guarded.

I tried the Monkey BuggyGuard and thought it was absolutely genius! It’s such a handy device to protect my beloved stroller. I would never imagine taking my luxury stroller to a theme park such as Disneyland. I always took the cheapest stroller that I owned (or bought a cheap one for the trip) in fear that my “good stroller” would be stolen. Not anymore. Now, I can enjoy using my good stroller where ever I go without worrying.

Features of the BuggyGuard:

  • Universal shape allows you to clamp it onto any stroller (jogging, umbrella or luxury).
  • 3-digit resettable combination dial Push button retraction for easy coiling of the cable. (It’s similar to a retractable tape measure.)
  • New technology aircraft grade stainless steel 2.4 cable. It’s the strongest retractable cable you can buy.
  • Vinyl-coated cable to prevent scratching your beloved stroller.

The BuggyGuard comes in 3 adorable characters: monkey, panda and piggy. Retailing for $24.99, we think it’s a great investment to protect your even larger stroller investment. For more information visit: http://www.buggyguard.com

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