Bumbleride Indie 4 and New Products for 2014

Bumbleride 4

ABC Kids Expo Update

After a few years of just updates and no new strollers for Bumbleride, 2014 may prove to be a big year for them. With the debut of the Bumbleride Indie 4 at the ABC Kids Expo, it looks like Bumbleride is one baby company to watch next year. The Indie 4 takes out the jogging component and focuses on all-terrain. If you are a parent who frequently tackles grass, gravel, dirt, rocks, trails and “mommy terrain”, the Indie 4 may be the perfect fit for you.

Bumbleride Indie 4

This four-wheel buggy will be available in Spring 2014 and has yet to have a retail price tagged to it yet. Take a quick peek and find out other changes for 2014 in the Bumbleride line, watch our Baby Gizmo Video below.



  1. Like the Indie but it’s to broad to be a good city ride. A little too big to be convenient on buses.
    Another thing is the risk of the ride tipping when the child i sleeping flat since it seems to be heavier on the back than in the front. Hope the second wheel on this new one fixes that problem.

    • It is very similar to the original Indie. They haven’t released the weight yet but it will be a few pounds heavier because of the extra wheel. The rest of the dimensions are going to be very close to the Indie.


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