Bumbleride Indie vs Bumbleride Indie 4 Comparison Video

Indie vs Indie 4

Indie vs Indie 4

Yesterday we just introduced you to the brand new, soon-to-be-released Bumbleride Indie 4. This all terrain buggy will soon be strolling the streets (and trails!) near you. It got me thinking though – people are going to know which Indie is right for their family. The original 3-wheel Indie is still a big part of the Bumbleride collection but it definitely is different than the new Indie 4. So, you know you want a Bumbleride but which one do you pick?

Well, Baby Gizmo to the rescue! We have a done a side-by-side comparison video to show you all the differences between the Indie and the Indie 4 strollers.


  1. Thanks for Sharing!

    I purchased the Bumbleride Indie 2011 in fog when my son was 3 months old. Prior to the Bumbleride my husband and I used the Graco snap and go with our Graco infant carseat. We waited to purchase a stroller mainly because as new parents we had no idea what features to look for and what features were important to us (seemed like everyone we knew had a different favorite stroller). We finally decided on the Bumbleride after trying it out in a store. We’ve had the Indie for a year now and still love it.


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