Bump Talk | Maternity Skinnies

Bump Talk | Maternity Skinnies

Calling all pregnant mamas!
We’ve all experienced that point in pregnancy when our pre-preggo clothes just aren’t cutting it. We transition to yoga pants for a time, you know, to get by and avoid investing in the dreaded “maternity wardrobe.” But as much as I love yoga pants, they aren’t the best choice for every situation. So, why not get a little trendy with the bump in a pair of maternity skinnies?

maternity skinnies numbered1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

If you’re going to be in full-bump style through the winter, I feel confident saying that 2-3 pairs of cute skinnies would suit your maternity wardrobe well. Skinnies are perfect with flats or boots, a slim tank, cardi and scarf. Boom! Pregnancy style!

My next pregnancy I told my husband I’ll be splurging on two things – a pair of Paige jeans for me and a bounty of bamboo footies for the baby. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the quality and comfort of Paige and I think that I’ll pretty much live in them making their cost-to-wear ratio pretty low 🙂 As least that’s how I’ll pitch it to the mister. And, bamboo … it’s dreamy.

My top three from the above are #6, the lovely Paige ones, #9, the Target leggings because … obviously 🙂 and #3 , the Asos skinnies since a punch of color is always a win and they look uber comfy. Just look at the side panels:

asos skinnies

What’s your pregnancy style go to piece? Are skinnies a part of your wardrobe?

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Gretchen hails from the beautiful Pacific Northwest along with her husband and two young children. Before transitioning to life as a stay at home mom, Gretchen worked in sales and marketing while earning her Masters in Management and Organizational Leadership. Now her days are focused on managing meal plans and nap times while organizing her sewing stash and children's toy bins. My oh my, how life changes in the blink of an eye! Gretchen writes frequently about natural parenting, becoming more environmentally conscience, her affinity for thrifted treasures, and hopes of making it out of yoga pants each day on her blog That Mama Gretchen (www.thatmamagretchen.com).


  1. It is unfortunate that you only advertise Maternity Skinnies on women that look perfect in Skinnies…..reality – I think not.

  2. I LOVED my maternity skinnies!!! Loved them. They were stretchy like leggings, but cute like jeans, you could wear boots with them or ballet flats. I seriously don’t know what I would have done with my skinnys. Also they keep you looking like ALL BELLY. As a big pregnant woman that means the world. At least it did for me. <3


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