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  1. I wish my girls would fool around rather than fight before bed of who is being noisier! I guess that is the difference between boys and girls. Mine are 7 and 3 and share a room with bunk beds. I put on music at night and usually stay with my 3 year old until she falls asleep. She is still transitioning from cosleeping so sometimes she ends up in my bed if she can’t settle down since my older one has to sleep. We used to go to bed about 15 minutes early and my older one would read and I would read to the younger one. I just had to remember to take the books away from my older one or she would stay up reading in the dark. But that gave them some time to transition to sleep time.


  2. I shared a room with both of my sisters growing up. We had bunk beds also. My mom would put on a tape when it was bedtime and we listened to that until we fell asleep. We had a huge variety of tapes. Kids music, musical plays, audio books, scripture, etc. That pretty much kept us from messing around. My brothers also shared a room and had their own tape player and tape to listen too at bed time. Good luck!

  3. Hi Hollie,

    I had to chuckle when I first saw this as you seem to have your hands full. We have two grandchildern that share a room at our house. They have been together for a few years now and go to bed very easily. Reading at bedtime seemed to be the best thing to get everything calmed down. They both read by themselves now & it knocks them out. Good luck, Art

  4. We will also be putting two kids together at some point, as we have baby #3 coming in June, and only have a three bedroom house. I was wondering which child you have on the bottom bunk? Obviously, I thought the older child should have the larger bed, but worried about having the younger child so far off the ground.

  5. You could try putting them “to bed” earlier, which would allow them to chat and have all the valuable sibling bonding time, then quiet down with stories while they are tucked in, maybe a few songs. I am working on making a CD of lullabies that I hope to incorporate into our children’s bedtime so they always have something familiar, even if we can’t do the same routine. Nothing special. Well, maybe special. But I think the newness will wear off as long as the other bedtime routine stays the same.

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