How to Buy a Video Baby Monitor (VIDEO)

Video Monitor

Here at Baby Gizmo we are usually looking at specific products and telling you the good and bad of each one. Today I wanted to take a step back and look at the whole picture of one particular baby category – video monitors. Sure, I can tell you what is great about one monitor but if you are standing in the store or staring at your computer screen and trying to figure out what features are important, the buying process can get tricky.

In today’s Baby Gizmo Video, we are looking at the video monitor category as a whole. I’m going to tell you what features are must-haves, which ones are nice to have and what you just don’t need.

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Catherine Anderson

What’s your opinion on night vision feature? Is it essential?

articoli per bambini

At first I thought that it was a monitor for baby. But it is actually about the tiny video monitor.