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  1. I must admit your “after children” sections had me giggling. The amount of times I’ve said we cant get that the children will just break it, is incredible. Its amazing how your single with a chic house and designer gear and you have children and you basically have to live in a padded cell to avoid them from ruining your nice things.

  2. Fridge before – big freezer drawer down the bottom, check, must have water & ice dispenser, how cool & convenient
    Fridge after – why doesn’t it lock? Who’s turned the floor into a lake? Why are there ice cubes in my cutlery drawer & why is every cup & container filled with an inch of water & who opened the bloody freezer AGAIN????? – who’s freaking idea was it to get THIS fridge?

  3. I could have written the refrigerator part myself! How about a dryer that folds clothes for you too? While we’re on the subject of washers and dryers how about commercial sized ones? So you can wash ALL of the kid’s clothes in one load.

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