Buzz Lightyear and Woody Action Figures Review

Calling all fellow Toy Story lovers! My 3.5 year old son is knee – deep into his Toy Story franchise obsession and I couldn’t be happier! They are all my favorite Pixar movies. My son was lucky enough to get both Buzz Lightyear and Woody figures for Christmas this year. He loves them, and I’m very impressed with them! Check out my review below.

Buzz Lightyear Talking Projectorbuzz

The Buzz Lightyear Talking Projector is a very accurate replica of the beloved space hero. The figure contains every noticeable detail, including a retractable helmet and pop-out wings. This particular Buzz figure (I keep accidentally typing ‘doll’ but my son insists HE IS NOT A DOLL!) comes with a projector. The projector is removable, and it can be plugged directly into Buzz to project an image of Zurg. The buttons on the front of his space suit make lots of sound effects and sayings. The voice is spot on, and of course, “To Infinity and Beyond!”

buzz 2

The Buzz Lightyear Talking Projector is 12 inches tall. It is big – not a surprise, as Buzz himself seems large in the movies. My son certainly isn’t snuggling this action figure to sleep every night, as it is hard plastic, but I wasn’t expecting that. This particular Buzz is also proportionate as his counterpoint, Woody, which makes playing with them together even more special.

Toy Story 3 Talking Sheriff Woody

The Talking Sheriff Woody doll is my favorite. Also, I can say doll here because he’s stuffed 🙂 This particular doll is Toy Story 3 specific – I’ll be honest though. I don’t notice a difference! I think it is just marketing.


Talking Sheriff Woody has his signature pull string where he says a variety of phrases. He is also constructed with “Hat Recognition Technology.” This part is funny! He recognizes when his hat is removed or placed back on his head and he then responds to that action automatically. His hat comes off easily, which is a bit annoying to me. It does not, however, bother my son at all.

Woody is approximately 16 inches tall, so he stands taller than Buzz. This is accurate to the movie! I love that these action figures were designed with each other in mind. Woody is well constructed, and I believe will hold up for years to come.

I will note that both Buzz Lightyear and Woody do not say all of the signature phrases you might expect them to. It does not bother my son or myself, but it is important to note for any purists out there.

Buzz Lightyear Talking Projector  and Talking Sheriff Woody are both available at Toys R Us for $44.99 each.