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  1. My 2nd (Mr. Picky-pants, appropriately) is the SAME way. Only naps in his crib. He’s 3 now and still will only nap in his crib! I have to pick him up early from preschool because he refuses to sleep there. OH! and we let him sleep in his big boy bed but he climbs back in his crib. Picky, picky!
    I knew I couldn’t be the ONLY one out there 🙂 Thanks, Amanda!

  2. I am just like you—I LOVE the fact that we are down to one nap! Our little one, Cole, went from two down to one right around 14 months or so. All of my friends thought I was crazy for wanting this, but it really does give you freedom to actually DO something during the day. With two naps we had a window of a mere 2 hours or so. Who can do anything with that? And it was always from about noon to two which meant you also needed to fit in lunch during that span of time. Ugh. If Cole had been the type to actually tolerate a nap in the car seat or stroller once in a while, I might have felt different. But alas, he is an excellent sleeper but ONLY in a crib, no where else.

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