California Parents: Law Requires Under 2s To Rear Face

California Parents: Law Requires Under 2s To Rear Face

Are you on of the many California parents? California Highway Patrol are informing their residents that a new law has been signed. Beginning January 01, 2017, children must stay rear-facing until they reach 2 years old, unless they are 40 inches tall or weigh 40 pounds. The current law requires children to be at least one year old. This means that starting in January 2017, parents can face fines for having a child forward facing who is under 2 years, unless they meet the height or weight requirement.

“According to medical professionals the heads of young children are heavier and their necks and spinal cords are not fully developed. In an accident, young children facing forward have a 75% greater chance of injuring their spines or even breaking their necks, due to impact.” California State Assembly website

Assembly member Christina Garcia proposed the new law last year, and it was signed in by Governor Jerry Brown.

“This new law is a victory for children and families. The Governor and the administration should be commended for their foresight and commitment to child safety,” Garcia said.




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