Calling all Bugaboo Parents… Meet the Tray Vous!

Are you a Bugaboo parent? If you are… you’ve searched high and low, in and out for the perfect snack tray for your Bugaboo stroller. (I know I have). What’s the problem? There’s nothing out there that fits properly… or stays attached. That is until now.

Meet the Tray Vous! It’s every Bugaboo owner’s dream come true.

The Tray Vous Concept & Design

  • Tray Vous is simple in concept and designed to be used with your existing stroller’s carry handle (not included). With your toddler’s seat in its upright position, remove the stroller’s carry handle and attach the Tray Vous connectors to each end.
  • Then reconnect the handlebar with the attached connectors to the stroller base.
  • Once reconnected to the stroller, you can then fit the tray snugly around the carry handle.
  • Tray Vous is designed to fit very snugly around the carry handle. However, removable velcro anchoring straps are provided for extra stability.


  • Product Includes: Three piece unit containing a left and right side connector and one tray (Bugaboo™ carry handle required for use, not included). The tray portion is removable from the carry handle for easy cleaning with a recessed cup holder and raised edges to keep snacks, toys and books from sliding off.
  • Materials: Tray is plastic and compliant with FDA regulations for a food contact surface. Tested and free of Lead, BPA, PVC and all Phthalates.
  • Dimensions: 15″ long, 6″ wide, .75″ deep
  • Color: Black with texture to resist scratching.
  • Retail price: $49.95 with free shipping if you order 5+ trays

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