Calling All Tooth Fairies!

Your child has a loose tooth… the first baby tooth is wiggly and hanging by a thread (shiver). It’s a big deal! Your baby is growing up! But wait. Are you prepared? Surely your child has heard of the tooth fairy, right? Chances are his/her friends at school are lisping and showing their toothless grins. So you can safely assume your child also know that the Tooth Fairy come bearing gifts… or money. Maybe your child is scared of the little fairy that sneaks in, while he/she sleeps, carrying coins and dust. I could see that. The unknown can be a scary thing for a child sometimes.

Here are some ways to not only present the tooth to the Tooth Fairy but also to bring some humor and fun to the experience.

(just make sure you stash those baby teeth somewhere other than your bedside table… like my husband did. doh!)

Twinkle Toof

Misfit Menagerie Tooth Pillow


Manhattan Toy Tooth Fairy Pals


Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow


Dear Tooth Fairy

You Think It’s Easy Being the Tooth Fairy?