Calling All Pregnant Mamas – Motherhood Maternity Is Rockin’ It!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Motherhood Maternity® through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about my visit to Motherhood Maternity, all opinions are my own.

Maternity fashion is a wonderful world when you know where to shop and how to confidently dress your changing body. Because, let’s face it, all of a sudden you’ve got a baby bump, wider hips, a larger chest and as the seasons change – so does your body. For ten whole months, you’re in a morphing stage; kind of like a butterfly. Every week brings new development for baby, and new clothing needs for mama.

During my previous two pregnancies I weathered my final months of maternity style during the summer. Lots of sun dresses, tanks and shorts to help keep me cool. But this round, things are quite different – I’m pregnant during cooler months for the first time!

So, I found myself at the mall earlier this week ready to amp up my fall and winter maternity wardrobe at Motherhood Maternity. If I’ve learned anything being pregnant three times in regard to maternity clothing, it’s that digging for things that only kinda sorta fit in my closet leads to frustration and tears. A little investment in my pregnant self makes for a much happier mama. I want to enjoy this special time being pregnant. And that DOES NOT include squeezing into uncomfortable pieces not made for my changing body. Maternity clothes are my jam and Motherhood Maternity is on point when it comes to fashion and comfort. Customer service too … which is always grand in my book!

Nicolette at the Tacoma Mall Motherhood Maternity was incredibly helpful. Not only to me, but to each mama who came into the store. Yes, I eavesdropped a bit 🙂 She went as far as to offer me a bottled water while I was shopping because we all know us mamas need to stay hydrated! Together we browsed the store and chatted about what pieces would help me best reach my December due date in style.

motherhood 1

motherhood 2

Ready for my dressing room fashion show? It seems like classic neutrals with pops of color were my go-to for the evening …

motherhood 4

motherhood collage

So, let’s talk about some of these pieces. First, fit-wise I’m a normal medium and that rang true at Motherhood Maternity. They’ve adjusted their clothes to accommodate baby bumps and tossed in some nice stretch for other areas that grow a bit during pregnancy too. The quality was impeccable! Such soft tees, sturdy fabrics and flattering cuts. Totally on par with mainstream style. That’s probably my favorite thing. When I’m pregnant I want my everyday style to shine through. I want bits of lace, skinny pants, pretty florals – all the details of my regular wardrobe with adjustments for my pregnant body.

In comparison to other maternity clothes out there, Motherhood Maternity prices were spot on – tops ranging from $20-40, pants $25-60 and dresses anywhere from $20-60 too. Great BOGO deals were available as were Bump Bucks when you reached a certain threshold. You all know I’m about finding great styles at awesome prices and Motherhood Maternity delivered. <—- Catch that birth talk? I couldn’t help myself 🙂

In the end, this is what came home with me …

  • Wendy Bellissimo Drawstring Twill Maternity Jacket
  • Jessica Simpson Elbow Sleeve Scoop Neck Lightweight Maternity T Shirt
  • Elbow Sleeve Scoop Neck Peplum Maternity Top
  • Secret Fit Belly® Maternity Leggings – lots of patterns available
  • Jessica Simpson Secret Fit Belly 5 Pocket Skinny Leg Maternity Jeans
  • And last, but not least, some undies … because maternity underwear is totally underrated! Seriously don’t let yourself go through pregnancy without some!

motherhood 5

Motherhood Maternity clothes mix and match so well! I was amazed at how many outfit combinations I was able to create with just seven pieces! I tend to add lots of scarves, boots and jewelry to my cooler weather outfits so these classics will be the perfect foundation for my fall maternity wardrobe.

motherhood 7Sunny days still happen on occasion and I am headed to Disneyland soon so this dress was a must! Biggest perk? It feels like a cozy sweatshirt!

motherhood 8

And just like that, it morphs into the perfect fall outfit with a little layering!

motherhood 6

The black belt is included with this dress! And I’m all about the chambray these days!

motherhood 11

Skinnies from heaven and the jacket you’ll probably see me in everyday!

motherhood 10

You know pattern mixing is totally in, right? Florals and stripes are happening everywhere … even for us pregnant gals!

motherhood 9

Skinnies on repeat 🙂

Comfort meets fashion at Motherhood Maternity and I’m totally looking forward to getting dressed between now and my Christmas due date. No (or very few) pajamas days for this mama.