Can a nursing cover REALLY be all that and more? It sure can…!

With all the public breastfeeding controversy that has been going on lately, it seems that the whole world has gone cuckoo over when it’s appropriate, if it’s appropriate, how old your child is while feeding and whether or not you should expose yourself when doing it or ultimately be covered up. For me, I always follow the golden rule: To each his own. It’s such a personal decision to a) breastfeed or not to breastfeed and b) how comfortable you are doing it in public. I was once out with a friend that whipped it out at the lunch table in front of the whole restaurant — no cover and no shame. Hey, her kid was hungry (and crying)!

For me, I’m more of shy gal when it comes to breastfeeding because my boobs are humongous when filled with milk (anyone out there relate to a SIZE 34J?!) and I prefer for it to be a quiet, easy experience. I’ve struggled in the backseat and the front seat of cars with a flimsy swaddle blanket to get the feeding done and this time around…I’m so thankful that some genius out there invented nursing covers. It’s the one must-have for nursing moms everywhere and would have loved to have one at home and stashed in the diaper bag with my first child — third time’s a charm for this Mama.

Have I already told you my affection for multi-tasking products? Why have two or three products when you can have one really great one that does what it’s supposed to do plus what the other two products did. That’s the life of a mom, always looking for the next best thing and…I found it…in a nursing cover with the Simply Good Nursing Cover Duo.

Why is it awesome, you ask? Well, let me put it this way…

  • It does its job and completely covers you and baby, without suffocating you or them with heavy, toxic fabric. It’s made with 100 percent cotton giving you and baby the breathability you need to safely and comfortably feed in hot (and cold) temps. There’s nothing worse than sweating it out while feeding with a flannel blanket on the top of you!
  • It has a slightly structured design at the top so you can always see your baby while feeding. So important for getting the right latch when first starting to feed.
  • It has adjustable fasteners so you can adjust to your size and make it grow with baby if needed.
  • The 2-in-1 part refers to the cover’s multi-tasking function of also being a detachable burp cloth once you’re done feeding — eliminating the need to carry both your nursing cover and burp cloth with you wherever you go. The set comes with two interchangeable burp clothes so you can make sure you have a clean one at all times.
  • For on-the-go moms, it also comes with it’s own carrying case. Nothing worse than a cover that’s just thrown and covers up the rest of the stuff you need in the diaper bag!
  • The best part about the Simply Good Nursing Cover…is the pocket located on the front where you can stick pacifiers, nipple shields, nursing pad covers or whatever you may need during feeding time. This pocket may seem minor but really, if you’ve nursed and not had a pocket…you wish it did!

Oh and did I also mention how picky I am about fabric patterns? Sometimes the patterns companies have used can be just plain offensive. The Simply Good folks sure have a good design team because fortunately, all the patterns are stylishly pleasing. Okay friends, I’m officially putting this on my must-have baby list — I’m due in November…any takers?!

For more information or to purchase The Simply Good Nursing Cover Duo, visitĀ The cover retails forĀ $36.99.