Can Your Stroller Do This? 3D Tote Challenge

Can Your Stroller Do This?

As we prepare for the snowpocalypse in North Carolina this weekend, we thought we’d talk about strollers. Because…strollers…that’s why. 🙂
Typically, when you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-fold, umbrella stroller, you have to sacrifice storage space, right? You usually get a tiny little basket. Plus, hang a bag on the handles, (gasp!) don’t you dare or you’ll have flipsville before you know it!

That is until Summer Infant changed the game with their new 3D Tote stroller.

During our LIVE unboxing of the 3D Tote this week, I was so impressed with one of the features of the stroller, that I had to put it to the test. Yep, that is how “Challenge #1 – Can Your Stroller Do THIS?” came about.

Do you like the stroller?!

You can purchase one at

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