Capture Beautiful (and Funny!) Moments with OneDay App

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It’s not a secret that I video and photograph a ton for Baby Gizmo. I love it. But what you might not know is that I also love to capture my kids in everyday life whether it is their first lost tooth, mastering the two-wheeler or when they break up with their first 3rd grade “boyfriend” because his attempt at a faux hawk went terribly wrong and he ended up bald.

“I just don’t like him anymore. He’s bald,” she said matter-of-factly.

Yep, that was a quote from my very “understanding” 3rd grader last year. Their “relationship” started because they both liked pizza and ended when a haircut went terribly wrong. Oh, how fickle third grade relationships are!

These are the stories and quotes that I cherish and never want to forget. While I’m in the moment of my 5 year old saying something amazingly funny or silly, I always think that I’ll never forget that he said that. Like when he calls ToysRUs – “Toyz-Z-Us”. Or the fact that all my kids have said “am-in-als” for animals. But it happens. Months and years go by and you start to forget some of the details.

Plus, it’s so hard to share these great moments with friends and family members. How amazing would the break-up story be to share with family in her own words instead of me re-telling it and missing some of the in-the-moment candor?

With my kids growing up so fast, sometimes I just want to capture their personalities at each age to see how they’ve changed and remember how they were. My 5 year old is so funny right now with the goofiest personality but that doesn’t mean that he will necessarily hang on to all that silliness when he hits the tween stage. So, I’ve been looking for something new to save these precious moments.

Then I discovered my new favorite app – OneDay.


The OneDay App is a FREE app (who doesn’t like FREE, right?!?) that helps me make movies of my kids in seconds with fun themes and thought provoking story sets. It’s SUPER easy and there is absolutely no editing or video skill needed. I don’t have to even think of the questions.

To put the ease-of-use to the test, we handed the app over to grandma to see if she could do it WITH NO HELP OR EXPLANATION! On the very first try, she had the app figured out and a video shot with her grandson with no problem.

Yep, that easy! That’s what makes the OneDay App so great! ANYONE can do it and you don’t even have to think of the questions to ask your kids! It’s all right there for you.

oneday app

You open the app, pick a theme from a wide selection of fun story sets, and record your children’s answers.

Then the app automatically puts the recorded videos together, adds music and leaves you with quality, priceless movies to share with family and friends. You can share it through email, text, social media and/or save it on your phone.

Not only am I making memories on video but we also have a blast filming the videos. The kids are always excited to hear what the next question is and even more excited to see their finished video. Here are a couple videos we made lately of the kids.

Remember I didn’t have to edit, think of the questions or even really know where my camera app is on my phone. It’s all in the OneDay app! Plus, since it is an app on my phone, I can take the videos anywhere.

If you are looking for a different way to make and save memories with your kids, I highly recommend downloading the OneDay app from the app store for your iPhone! Have an Android? Not to worry because the app is coming soon for Android users in early February 2015.

*Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. That really doesn’t matter at all because the OneDay app is REALLY one of my favorite apps and everything in this post are my statements, opinions and thoughts.