Case-Mate Adds Fun to Your iPhone 4 with “Creatures”

I just upgraded to the new iPhone 4!  Yeah, I know…iPhone 5 is probably coming out next week!  As I’m standing in the store hearing the sales pitch about why I should buy a protective case IMMEDIATELY from them – I decide that I’m going to find my own fun case so that I can show off a little personality with my phone.  Why not, right? 

So, when I come across the new Case-Mate “Creatures” collection, I’m immediately smitten.  I’m a kid at heart and the 4 and 6 year old looking over my shoulder go nuts.  “Get that one, mommy!  It’s a monster case!”  And yes, we all know that my kids play with my iPhone!  We’ve been through this.  I’m trying to wean them from my fabulous technology devices carefully. 

Case-Mate’s new “Creatures” line offers 6 fun characters to add protection AND personality to your iPhone.  The creatures are made of silicon specifically for the iPhone 4 with a snug fit.  I have the green “Monsta” and it fits my phone like a glove.   I love that the case sport raised silicone pieces for an easy-to-hold grib and the front of the case features a lay flat design to protect the screen from getting scratches when you set it down. 

The 6 Creature options are: Waddler (penguin), Gil (similar to Nemo), Hoot (who doesn’t love owls?!), Monsta (yep, it’s a monster!), Tut (the mummy) and Frank (the friendly Frankenstein)!

The Case-Mate Creatures are super fun but not a great idea if you don’t want your kids to beeline for your phone!  I guess I won’t be weaning my kids from my iPhone anytime soon!

For more information on the Case-Mate Creatures collection go HERE.